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    Jim Keesling

    Hello all,
    While everyone is busy having secret meetings, I need to address the lack of 14 hours of daylight, 14 classes and what to do Sunday for the CSC.
    I am looking at what classes are going down to the wire, and trying to keep them seperate, however, no promises.

    Since this is the last of 9 (NINE) races, practice is over. We will have a 5 min. engine break-in / warm-up only starting at 8:00am. All shifters, all TaG’s, all juniors, all kidkarts.
    Qualifying will start at 8:30am SHARP!

    I hope to post the final schedule Tomorrow (tuesday) so we all know whats up.

    Just to keep everyone “informed” on who, what, when, why, where…
    the “Mouth of the South” Mr. Bill Wright and Carla will be joining us once again.

    I have arranged for the great B-B-Q people to be back, as well as the best coffee drinks you can think of starting at 6:00am.

    Please send me an e-mail with you pit space requests. They will be alloted on a first come, first paid basis.

    Thank you in advance…
    The Track at Centennial


    Weather says cold and rainy for Sunday…….. 😥


    Don’t you think that in all fairness if you are not having any practice that you should run the track the same direction as your last CSC race? We will not get a chance too practice this week and were planning to get at least one session Sunday.



    Jim / Angie,

    In the event that the race needs to be weather delayed. Is there a rain date established yet? Several drivers in the points hunt are going to be in Monaco the week following the scheduled date.


    Doug Welch

    Lets run rain or shine. :sun:

    Mike Jansen

    I called the Book in Las Vegas and they said that the over under is 95% that the weathermen and women in Colorado are WRONG.

    Overcast and cool perhaps but look on the bright side, the engines will be producing more power with the cooler weather!



    Not sure if I’m going to follow your bets or not!

    Doug, I’m with you! I used to like watching football more when they played rain or shine vs watching dome play. The only issue I would have is having to go out on stickers, it would be good to run our rains on more than one class we enter.

    Jims circuit looks to have great drainage, so if we do encounter scattered showers we shouldn’t have the seeping issues running across the racing surface. Maybe next year we can race in the wet. It would have only happened a few times since we’ve started anyway.

    We have so little wet tire time that we are looking at getting smoked over in Europe in the wet, they race rain or shine, we don’t.

    Our main concern would be not being in town in the off chance that a make up date is needed.

    Marc Elliott

    ^ Do not forget those who would have to come from out of state….


    I watch Kathy Sabine every night, but I can’t ever remember what she said.

    Mike Edwards

    Bill……..Each night I tell Julie that MUST watch the weather and she always asks me after I watch,what the kids should wear to school and I always say a coat…She just rolls her eyes! I tell her that I watch the weather not listen. :sun:

    Mikey :cheers:

    Doug Welch

    @Rick Schmidt wrote:

    I used to like watching football more when they played rain or shine vs watching dome play.

    Football was meant to be played on grass, outdoors, regardless of weather.

    As far as tires, I agree, run what ya got in the trailer, used, new, hand me downs, what ever.


    Well I guess no one wants to talk about my earlier post…
    So I guess those of us from IMI , Grand Junction, etc… who don’t run thr Track on a regular basis are gonna be at a huge disadvantage…..
    Safety can also be an issue on a 8:30 am ice cold track, no grip, and not familiar with the direction run. So what’s up?????? Tell me something JIM!!
    And tell me that anything I’ve said is wrong here??


    Rain, or snow, isnt the issue.

    Jim Keesling

    You are right! Those who choose to practice will be faster.
    Those who don’t will be at a disadvantage.
    I never won a race at IMI because others always practiced there and I didn’t practice as much.
    I can not change the weather, however, I do know that there are not enough hours of daylight to run a full round and finish before dark.

    This is race #9 of the Colorado Sprint Championships. Game on!!!
    We have been running the Track this direction for 3 weeks now, and a club race for those who wanted to practice what we will be racing. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it out this past month.

    Good luck to all who show up to race.

    Best regards,

    Curt Kistler

    @Marc Elliott wrote:

    ^ Do not forget those who would have to come from out of state….

    I am sure Matt and Kyle could give you some friendly advice to just stay in sunny warm AZ and surround yourself with some tan hard bodies.

    You won’t miss anything here in cold, rainy, windy white skinned CO.

    Joe Rosse

    So what’s the decision if it rains–will rain tires be allowed?

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