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Jim Keesling

I agree with your statements, however, we race here at IMI, GJ and Bandimere. It really doesn’t matter what happens at New Castle, or any other track around the US, it matters what happens here, in our region. We havn’t seen any big advantage to they way our series is running. If you want to adjust the motor advantages to level the field, then we should set weight adjustments for each track AND motor to make it fair. Once the snowball starts rolling downhill, its hard to stop it. The CSC is following a national set of rules, SKUSA. Joe has told me SKUSA is not following the latest change by TaGUSA. The CSC is following suit.
The difference in the motor packages is more noticable once “pro” drivers started racing the in class. The recreational driver wouldn’t have seen much difference, however bring in the pro’s and we now have opened up a new set of problems. You saw this first hand when Greg frist raced his TaG kart last year, then jumped in Kyle and you both were several seconds faster than the entire field. Motor difference, no. Experience. Yes.
I just feel we need to know how to level the field so that it is a documented change and not a guess.
Lets see if we can’t “steer” the rule setting orgs. in the right direction.
Bye for now,