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Jim Keesling

Such is life. You should look at the stock moto. Shortly, I’m going to write a little story on the difference between stock moto and the ICC I ran last year. I think we all were under the impression that the stock motor wasn’t going to be as much fun both speed and power compared to a fully built moto. I decided to step into one for two reasons. First, low maintainance. I will spec the package as the arrive and drive kart at the new place, and wanted to see first hand if it really is low maint. Second, is it fast or just a dog? Well, in my opinion, it is fast enough to still wear you out on race day and make the ribs cry for a hot shower.
I don’t have anything to say bad about the stock moto.
I do have bad things to say about others rules or attempt at rules to govern the package. The whole thing needs to be left alone. Stock, stock, stock. The term “spec” as some use is once again sending a great package into the shops for work that doesn’t need to be done.
If you want to “work” on your power plant, than step into a class that allows it. Let’s leave stock alone. Sure, there are going to be factory production differences, but so what. It’s low cost and low maint. It’s also a great step into shifters. Make a shifting mistake, and it has not cost you a $7000 motor.
See you on the 19th, and I know of 2 more S3’s that will be there.