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George Durdin

I was just a regional co-ordinator for IKF. It wasn’t my responsiblity to “sanction” your track. As the IKF co-ordinator it was my responsibilty to inform regional tracks of the benefits of IKF participation and then co-ordinate activities between IKF tracks in the region. All of the Colorado track owners are aware of IKF & WKA and have the means to contact them regarding sanctioning. I know that IKF sent out “track packs”, regarding affiliation, to all of the Colorado tracks. It is my underdstanding that Randy Kugler of WKA had discussions with a local promoter last season. I had no authority over regional tracks as an IKF co-ordinator….you can call the IKF office to confirm that.
There’s nothing self serving about asking other state tracks to become affiliated with the same NATIONAL sanctioning body. CRE has been the only nationally afffiliated track in the state over the last five years….encouraging other tracks owners to become affiliated with the same organization would make CRE only one of the states five nationally sanctioned facilities.How is that self serving?
CRE’s current affiliation with WKA does not give us any authority over any other facility and that isn’t the purpose of sanctioning. I am NOT a WKA official of any type. I am not seeking any kind of office or authority.
As a track owner I am just suggesting a way that all five of the states tracks can work together by sharing the same rulebook, tech manual and insuring body that has no bias towards any of the facilities involved….both the track owners and the competitors benefit from mutual communication and co-operation. The effort is to make the sport simplier and easier to understand for the racer and to have uniformity amongst the tracks serving the public. The same rulebook, tech manual and insuring body in Grand junction,Denver, Colorado Springs, Los angeles, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas……
J.B. there are no insults intended in this response.There are soon to be FIVE tracks in the state and the state doesn’t have significantly more racers today than we did five years ago. The circumstance calls for communication and co-operation between not only the track owners/promoters but the various kart shops and the racers.

Neither the IKF or WKA manual REQUIRES that the Comer K80 be blueprinted to compete at the club level. Your parents were in agreement with the Egans, Hawkins,Ullstroms,Rosses,Whetstones,Sullivans,Christensens
before the beginning of the 2003 season that the class would be run at CRE as a boxstock class in an effort to keep the class affordable. It wasn’t until the Stars program came to town and well after the 03 season started that you demanded that the entire class be required to blueprint their engines because it was YOUR desire to run on the Stars tour. You were absolutely oblivious to the concerns and cost to the other seven families to meet your demands and went to extreme measures to get your way and made an ass out of yourself in the process. Your actions and attitude had you banned at CRE……and nowyou are howling about the CSC program?You got what you asked for. Given your track record this summer in the CSC you should probably be carefull of what you ask for!
CRE was in full compliance with the boxstock Comer Jr.I class and the local option to use the Vevey pipe.
I resigned my position with the IKF because the organization wasn’t designed to promote kart racing accross the country and was not keeping up with the demands and growth of our sport. The WKA is growing in leaps and bounds and is in a future position to not only sanction and insure our sport but to promote and unite it from coast to coast.