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The one big variable in spec fuel is that spec oil is also required. As Brad will attest to at the last CSC race at IMI, he did a sample on 3 different oils mixed with the same fuel and all three came up with different readings. You cannot have a spec fuel without a spec OIL. I would LOVE to see a spec fuel and oil at the races, but it MUST meet manufacturers specifications for the engines also. Making someone race with a fuel that is outside of the specs of the engine is not right also. The biggest turnout of motors in TAG is Rotax yet most tracks don’t stock the correct fuel for that. Telling everyone to drive to BigT, which for some of us is pretty tough, doesn’t work either. At the last CSC IMI race I bought some 93 octane pump gas because that is what I was told to do by the race official. And you know what, Dane’s times were the same with the pump 93 as they were with the track 100.

Either make a spec, stick to the spec, supply the spec fuel and oil or don’t do anything.