Colorado Karting Tour Announces 2019 Colorado Karting Classic

2019 Colorado Karting Classic Event
Colorado Karting Tour Announces return of Annual Endurance Event

Denver, CO, September 11, 2019 – The Colorado Karting Tour is excited to announce the 2019 Colorado Karting Classic, returning again as the annual endurance event to cap off another racing season in the Rocky Mountain Region.

For 2019, CKT is upping the ante for the event, providing a longer endurance race for the Adult 206 categories. Both a ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ division will compete for 4 hours around the regional track of choice during the Classic, which this year will take place at Action Karting. In another unique twist, the Action Karting course will be run in the clockwise direction, a very rare event at the facility.

Teams of 3 will each share a team kart, and compete against other teams in their division over the long race. Pit stops, fuel strategy, and driver line up will all be factors in deciding who the final winner of the event shall be. Teams will be provided access to a hot pit area to re fuel, make repairs, and change drivers during the event, with more details regarding schedule, regulations, and more coming soon!

Not neglecting younger racers, CKT will also have a 1 hour race for the Junior 1 category, open to drivers aged 7 – 12. This allows many Kid Kart drivers, Junior 1 Cadet, and Junior 1 drivers to compete, utilizing the black throttle slide and Hilliard clutch to experience the true performance of the Evinco Blue tire and Briggs 206 engine over a longer format race. A mandatory pit stop will allow drivers time to get a brief rest and re-fuel, just like the adult teams.

Online Event registration is now open on The Colorado Karting Tour series website! To learn more, and register your team for the 2019 Colorado Karting Classic, visit

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