Apex Predator Announces Release of “Karting 101”

Apex Predator Announces Release of “Karting 101”

Apex Predator Driver Development is excited to announce the release of “Karting 101: Getting Started in Competitive Go Kart Racing.” Written by longtime racer and national karting champion Eric Gunderson, “Karting 101” provides newcomers to karting with a comprehensive overview of the sport, and gives them the information necessary to begin their first foray into karting.

“I am beyond thrilled to be able to announce the release of this book to the karting community,” stated Gunderson. “This project began in response to a very obvious disparity between current karters and the general public in regards to their understanding of the sport. “Karting 101” provides the information a complete newbie to karting needs to begin to get involved in the sport.”

Within the 100 pages of “Karting 101,” Gunderson lays out the various elements present in the sport of karting that are important to understand as a new racer. From the basics of kart chassis dynamics, different types of kart racing, engine packages, and even tips on how to get involved in one’s local karting community, “Karting 101” covers the sport in a thorough yet accessible manner. Each section is accompanied by full color images by industry-leading karting photographers, to further educate and engage the reader.

As the book was developed, several key members of the karting community stepped forward to provide assistance and guidance to enhance the book. “In particular, the advice and input from the teams at Comet Kart Sales, On Track Promotions, Kart Pulse, and The Colorado Karting Tour were instrumental in seeing this project to completion,” stated Gunderson. “I want to thank each of these organizations for taking the time to learn about this project, and provide input through the book’s development.”

“Karting 101” is now available on Amazon through their Create Space publishing subsidiary.
To order your copy, visit Amazon Online at: https://www.amazon.com/Karting-101-Getting-Started-Competitive/dp/1544823428/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493750168&sr=8-1&keywords=karting+101

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Founded by experienced karter and racing driver Eric Gunderson, Apex Predator Driver Development provides professional driver coaching and consultation to racing drivers who want to improve their craft. Whether a completely new driver or an experienced veteran, Apex Predator’s one-on-one coaching approach can improve every driver’s lap time and race craft.

For more information about “Karting 101” or about Apex Predator, visit us on Facebook @APDriverDevelopmentColorado, or contact us via email at [email protected]

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