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    Justin Lisowski


    Lots of used tires for sale, low laps on all of them, all in excellent shape
    $10/tire but will put together bulk purchase deal

    Located in Monument

    MG Yellows
    (7) Fronts: 10×4.60-5
    (13) Rears: 11×7.10-5

    MOJO D2
    (11) Fronts: 4.5/10.0-5
    (18) Rears: 7.1/11-5 (rears)

    Maxis HG3
    (3) Fronts: 10×5.50-5
    (4) Rears: 11×7.10-5

    MOJO D1
    (13) Fronts: 4.5/10.0-5
    (7) Rears: 7.1/11-5
    (6) Rears: 6/11-5

    (2) Dunlop front rains- 10×4.50-5 KT8 W8
    (2) Vega 11×7.10-5 rear

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    Justin Lisowski

    I just had been fighting a similar issue with my lap timer on my 3 gold. I took the IR reciver apart, took the circuit board out and found out that the plug under the board had vibrated loose. Plugged it back in and worked just fine again.

    For your temp gauge, although I haven’t had that issue with my MyChron, it sounds like a bad sensor or wire.

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    Justin Lisowski

    I am disappointed in the new rules for TTAC as well. I was pretty excited initially about a pure Rotax series, but I have since found out you have to have a ’09 or newer – and my Rotax is an ’07. I can either race at IMI or pony up the money for a new Rotax. Unfortunately, my racing is already on a shoestring budget so the latter isn’t too much of an option. On top of that, this announcement will most likely depreciate the value of my current engine should I try and sell my ’07 to upgrade.

    Tell me I am interpreting this wrong – I will be at the back of the field and not be allowed to gain any points should I race in TTAC club races?

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    Justin Lisowski

    So here are my carburetor settings from last time I went out on the track

    Needle: K98 at position 2
    Idle screw: 4-3/4 turns out
    Air mixture screw: 2-1/2 turns out
    Main jet: 158
    Float: 5.2g at 5mm
    Outer pilot jet: 30
    Inner pilot jet: 60

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    Justin Lisowski


    I will look tonight how my carb is set up. I was out last Friday and it was about 92 deg out and I was running a 158 main jet and about 2 turns out for the air screw. I assume that I am running a K27 needle and probably the 5.2g float but I am not certain – are there stamps on the float and needle indicating what type they are? I will check out all of the other settings on the carb this evening. I am planning on spending the day at the track tomorrow with a forcast of 72 to 80 over the course of the day. I figured I would start at a 155?

    I understand that the Rotaxes don’t like being off throttle, but I after the engine bogs at the exit of 1, I don’t get any throttle response at all until the ledges at the exit of 4.

    Thanks for the help

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    Justin Lisowski

    Thanks for the replies. Having at least a starting point is helpful for me. What seems to happening at The Track (running downhill) is I enter turn 1 at 3/4 throttle (yeah, I know it is a flat-out turn) and then by the time a get to the entry of turn two the engine seems to be loaded up and it isn’t until turn 4 that I can slowly roll back on the throttle. Does that sound like I am too rich? Obviously key details are missing to help describe, but I am struggling which direction to go.

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    Justin Lisowski

    This is great information and will definitely help me get started. Just a few months into karting and I am impressed by the camaraderie. More sports should be like this.

    Thanks everyone for their replies and suggestions.

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