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    While everyone is busy fixing everyones business, no one has made mention that there is a CSC race this Sunday. We practiced on monday and I was at Bandi today, and road around the track with JB and they have spent alot of time cleaning up the track and around the track. Also some folks will be adjusting their line otherwise they are going to end up marrying one of the many elegable hay bales that have been placed on numerous corners. so I hope there is a good turn out, especialy in the TAG classes. Hope to see ya’ll there on Sunday

    Jed, Ellee, and Jethro

    Mike Jansen

    Jed, Ellie, Jethro, JB:

    First of all, same direction as last time?
    Most important: If we are going the same direction will there be numerous haybales at the kink/corner after the hairpin at the top? I dodged a fist sized piece of asphalt last race and don’t wish to repeat that again. A few people in TaG Masters were going “offtrack” through the dirt.


    I think there should be some enforcement of the chicanes at Bandimere, both the ones before and after the hairpin at the top. In last couple of races at Bandi, I have been pelted by rocks and dirt and my airbox was full of debris at the end of the races, some of which may have gotten through to the motor. Not very pleasant. Also, people have been improving position by jumping the chicanes, which I think is against the CSC rules (6.10.2).

    Either hay bales or enforcement by corner worker reports, or both should be used.



    If it rains we are going to race.
    If it rains are we going to race?

    I like the first sentence the best.



    Looks like rain is a good possibility for Sat. (70%) Race in the rain or not, we are going to get some wet practice in before Monaco. May be a good chance at Bandi. Sunday also has good chance for rain.

    We would race in it.


    Curt Kistler

    We would love to race in it if necessary, but, that call was made at the start of the season with the GGP getting the only rain nod. Too bad, with our points race it would have been very fun, and interesting.

    Sunday should bring good weather in the AM, and scattered showers in the afternoon. Tomorrow practice will be 50-50 all day, so get on the track when you can, if you can. I am sure renters will be out too.

    Taylor Broekemeier

    BRING ON THE RAIN!!!!!!!


    Racing in the rain is an interesting question. The CSC rules say that declaring a rain race is at the discretion of the Race Director. However, I’ve seen posts that say the only rain races will be at the temporary circuits. I’d prefer that we race if it rains. Maybe Rusty or another CSC official can clarify this. :idn:

    P. S. Doesn’t look like much chance of rain tomorrow at Bandimere.

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