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    Why is the “Karter” so dead?

    What are your opinions?

    Did you like it? Is it worth the effort to do it again? Did you have fun?

    How about some kudos to the people that pulled this off? Did you see Curt Kistler movin and shakin? That man had a 6th sense and instinct for moving toward potential issues on the track. What about recovery of machines between heats? His team had minimal experience and did an excellent job of keepeing a hay bale track configured and safe! Seemed to raise the bar to me! That’s us and our kids out there racing. Ian knows what’s going on on the entire circuit, had the black ready but “flew the blue” (another instinct) if you haven’t been to a tight temp circuit like this before? It does not allways work like it did last weekend.

    Brads input on track adjustments? And he was friggin smiling all weekend. Say what you want about Brad (he doesn’t care) he know’s his stuff. He worked his a$$ off all weekend and it wasn’t for financial gain guy’s. He tuned a very potent racing machine with Bob all the while. And I saw him jump in and take control of situations and try to make the event run like he knows it should. Not feeling threatened in the process.

    Duff, Well he is “Super Geek” in my book. Unfortunately not many got to see him in action. I was there talking to him when an interested party approached, he dropped me like a ton of bricks and swung into to action. Brad, J.B., Jim, Stacey & George, you owe this guy a free track day. Totally unbiased information towards any make, model or track. Just true promotion of our sport. Very impressive indeed. We will see new racers from this.

    Jay found a spot for everyone, talk about a thankless job! He made all of the plaques for our trophies, that had to be grueling. I know, I painted 100 something of them. Several Booth loads worth. The work that went into cutting them and assembling them was significant! (Sophie you rock) Tammy, if keeping Jay in line and 2 young boy’s (Jay requires more effort I’m sure) is not enough, you worked behind the scenes and made a smooth running deal out of this as well!

    The racers promoting at Colorado National Speedway, spending their own time to promote not just this event, but kart racing in general. Mike, Curt, Don, Craig and others. This was significant effort to promote our sport. Volunteered effort!

    Marketing takes time, and a lot of effort. Scott, Your efforts, while not widely recognized, did not go unnoticed. Even with a very limited time frame to work with. You did a good job.

    Doug and A.J. Good job. Doug, you did a non stop effort to put together a great circuit, and were non stop in putting this thing together when the chips were down, Greg too. Maybe you should not work Greg so hard before a race! I did not hear very much whining about what you did, at all. Again, all the while running a potent and in some cases, a young racing team.

    Drew, I’m sorry if I ever complained about you “dumbing it down” for us racers. The smiles and laughs you bring to the event only raises it to another level. It is not as easy as it looks. Put a mic in anyones face and see how they do! The trophy ceremonies were great. If you didn’t put on about 300 miles this weekend “making it work” I’d be surprised.

    Angie, fair and judiciuos as allways. Don’t ask me to score while my entire family is racing and supporting the event. I’m too much like Mike Edwards. Just a tick away from serious cardiac issues while the kids are on the track, (there woud be serious issues with me scoring with my kid on the track racing). Pretty calm and composed.

    Rusty, Well your one bad hombre. (behind every good man ther is a good woman) You’ve got a lot more gut’s than anyone I know. Give me a few months to do a years worth of work and I’m going to fold. You didn’t. Ever!

    Ken Bort, you certainly bring a lot to the table. And are the only one that I know of who helped pull it off and had a kid racing, and raced yourself! Tough? I think so.

    Did anyone walk around to see how our racers carried themselved through a television interview? Some of the racers you would have never expected were media darlings.

    Did you see the smile on Ron Reeds face (look at Tellurides awards photo’s, there’s one of him and Sophie alone) while walking up? When everyone gave him the “silent wave? (thanks Jay for the last minute coaching on what it meant and how to do it for those of us who didn’t know) I have too say, I am not a particularly emotional person, but I teared up while that young man was walking toward the podium in allmost total silence. Don’t tell him he has a disabilty! That was worth the effort to make it to the race alone for me.

    Do you think the guy’s from Utah like coming to a circuit that no one has “home track” advantage? Sure they do. Just like us. It’s new to everyone and sometimes new is not comfortable. What a great chance to compete though. I think we are very fortunate to have the oppurtunity to race at several great circuits here in Colorado and don’t take anything away from the tracks here. It is just cool to have another oppurtunity to add to the mix in a neutral manner.

    I have a lot of respect for the track owners and I was niave about what it takes for sure. It takes a lot of effort even on a dedicated circuit. Glad they were there for the most part. Shows true colors. We will certainly support them as well.

    Anyway, rambling e-mail I suppose. Just not sure if I enjoyed seeing the new racers out there more than most? Quite a few left us this year and it started out questionable with Csc entries this year. But 129 racers at a first time event is pretty amazing to me. Must be SOME new guy’s out there. Brad allways has a great draw @ 133 last race and combined with a Memorial Day weekend. (can you say travel and graduations? I can!) seemed a respectable turn out to me.

    You can complain or race, we chose to race. Steamboat wasn’t an option this year, but this scratched the itch very nicely.

    We just keep making more great friends doing this, Thats more important than anything for sure. When the visor goes down you race. But basically, we spend quite a bit of time together off track and we cherish the times!

    My thoughts and opinions alone. Sorry of I missed someone. Not intentional. Sorry for misstyped words. (typing with 3 bandaids on the rt hand (ward robe malfunction! Got a light?)

    Thanks to everyone involved.


    Mike Jansen

    The only thing I can say is I wish the event was other than Memorial Day but you can’t please everyone!

    Rick, great job in describing things. I felt like I was there and I really do wish to see the photos of Sophie and Ron. I’m glad to hear that Brad was all smiles along with the other owners. You all make me pround to say I’m a part of karting and the CSC.

    Curt Kistler

    You Are The Man!

    It’s people like you that make it all worth while. I had a great time working the rescue and corner worker team. Our prayers were granted when at the end of the day, not one racer, or spectator, got a ride to Greeley General Hospital. :cheers:

    I would like to challenge any racer, tuner, owner, dad-mom, track owner or self proclaimed racing guru to work the infield at any one of our CSC races. What an experience you will have. I am very proud of Ian, Bobby and all of the corner workers who stepped up and worked their butt’s off.

    I would also like to thank my son David and his best bud Dan for the work they did with the FM Pit broadcast, announcing and grid coordination. They even repaired turn one, and three, about fifty times when you wern’t looking.

    Hat’s off to all the racers who really did attempt to stay off the hay. It was not easy for the first day, but everyone who did seem to roll thru appologized and helped fix their own holes. I salute you all for a Great Race At A Great Place. :win

    See you all at Bandi on the other side of the fence!

    PS: How come nobody want’s to talk about Matt & AJ Noud laying down the fastest lap of the weekend? Had to throw that in, sorry for my proudness.



    Thyank you for the kind words. Mike and Curt are right, you did an awesome job of discribing the event ande it is because of poeple like you that it is so fun to work and announce the races!

    However, you forgot to mention several people. First, Craig Mansfield, who arrainged the Color Gaurd, from Buckley Air Force Base, and for the young Lady who sang the National Anthem. Thank you Craig!

    Second, Robb Holland, who filled in on the Mic for me on Sat. and Sunday. That allowed me to attend to the 50 other things that came up (can you say Hooter Girls? :rotate: ) Also to Kurt Hansen from Sports Radio 950 The Fan and Altitude TV for Saturday. Listening to him and Robb tag team the call made you think that you were listening to F1 without the funny accents!

    We also need to thank my brother, Lee Kunter, who at the last minute agreed to drive the Ralph Schomp Mini Pace Car. Not only did he manage to not run over any Karts and keep it out of the Straw Bales (That car was sold 2 days before the event and the new owner agreed to let Ralph Schomp Mini let us use it!), but he manage to make the Mayor of Greeley and the Ralph Schomp Personell feel very important.

    I would also like to personnally thank Anthony Beck for helping set up and run driver/grid information for the announcer’s tent. Agian, it was a last minute call and Anthoney, you came through for us.

    As I run through the list of people to thank, there is one person that we all need to thank. That is Rick Schmidt. Rick made arraingments to get us a smoking deal on all of that fencing. If we didn’t have the fence, we wouldnt have been able to get the insurance, and we wouldn’t have had a race. He also got us a great deal on sound equipment for the concerts and to let us use his own personal sound equipment that we combined with some of ours and some of Duff’s (thanks Duff) for the Track Side announcing. Probably the second most important thing he did beside the fence, was arrainging for the Quads. He convinced RPM Motorsports to donate the use of them. I spent most of the weekend on one of them and Rusty on the other. I know my feet were killing me by Sunday evening, I can just imagine what it would have been like if we didn’t have them!

    Also, make sure you thank Rusty the next time you see him. He first became involoved with Greeley late last year, when a gentleman by the name of Ken D’Amato, Director of Parks and Rec., started looking for events to bring to Greeley. Something was said about Go-Karts, and the trail led through Scott Hannum to Rusty. The rest as they say, is history.

    I have talked to several of the sponsors and they all liked what they saw.
    Ralph Schomp Mini, Hooters, Economy RV, Red Bull, and M & O Tires have all already committed to participating next year. They were impressed with the Facility, the program, and the fans, and most improtantly the RACERS.
    My hats off to you Lady’s and gentleman!

    The numbers are in…. we had aprox. 125 karts, 300-350 participants, 50 track workers, 50 sponsors. there were also approx. 1000 spectators with an estimated 300+ coming through the info booth on Saturday alone!

    Next year will be bigger and better, I promise!

    Drew Kunter

    Jon Romenesko

    Well, i for one had a blast at the GGP. Even though it was a tough weekend for me, it was still fun. Everyone involved deserves some big kudos, i thought they put on a nice event. The track was fun, too, now we know what it feels like to drive a Champ Car on a bumpy street circuit!

    Big thanks to Rick, not only for helping with the GGP, but for helping us out with our kart woes! If it werent for him, we may never have moved! :cheers:

    The learning curve on these karts is much higher than i had expected, but we’re gettin the hang of it. And hopefully we’ll have a bunch of the bugs ironed out before Bandi. But i’m already looking forward to the next GGP…just make the track more Rotax-friendly next time. 8)

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