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    Tony LaPorta

    Ladies and gentleman…. esteemed members of the Colorado Karting community,

    Please let me introduce the first episode of The Cool Down Lap.

    Inspired by my boss at eKartingNews.com, Mr. Rob Howden’s Happy Hour with Howden as well as a suggestion from Colorado Karting icon AJ Noud, I have started an “imitation” if you will, of the great motorsports interview show “Wind Tunnel”.

    Our first episode is a radio (audio only, set to pictures from the event) style interview show recorded at Billet Performance Karting’s open house. I must apologize for the week plus that it has taken me to put produce the video, but I hope you all will understand.

    I can not thank the BPK crew enough for being apart of the first Cool Down Lap ever! Mike Urban, Stacey Hill, Ron and Ryan Rudolph and Mike Edwards were all great to work with and I thank them for being on the show.

    I will mention that the audio levels are a TAD low at parts of the video, especially when interviewing Mike Urban at the beginning. To help alleviate this I suggest simply turning up your volume as high as possible. This will be fixed by next show.

    Anyway, this is something I think could give exposure to what is going on in Colorado karting and is hopefully a more entertaining way of learning about whats going in our sport than reading forum post after forum post.

    I plan to do one of these at each stop of the RMPKC this year, as well as visit other Colorado teams/series/organizations.

    If you have a suggestion for the next episode of The Cool Down Lap, I am all ears.

    With out further adoo…


    Enjoy! :mrgreen:

    Eddy Wyatt

    Very nice segment. Thanks for posting Tony.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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