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    Brad Linkus

    I just got a great deal on this civil defense siren on Ebay. I am going to put it on a pole by my building and hook it up to my alarm system. It is a 10hp 3 phase 220volt unit which puts out 135db at 300 feet. That is loud enough to be heard for 3 or 4 miles. Next time someone tries to break in they will be in for a big suprise!!

    larry toby

    Awesome! Everyone within a hundred miles will be ducking for cover fearing the mother of all tornadoes is about to hit. 😯

    I?m certain I will be able to hear that from my house. I?ll volunteer to respond to the siren if I can use the Tommy gun against any would be predators. :argue

    As an alternative, you might be able to get a cheaper solution if you can get the engine out of the #5 shifter kart that was at The Track yesterday. It is rumored that it was heard all the way up in Wyoming! However, it burns oil so you might want to avoid it at all cost. 😕


    I like the idea of gun turrets better.

    Shoot those bad boys. Of course from what I heard this weekend these guys were not very smart when they stold the Jeep-it had a soft top buy they busted the door locks to get in—duuhh. why not cut the soft top!!


    Now you can put it outside,…. and after leaving small brown deposits the stupid thieves will still get away.

    Or you can put that bad boy on the inside of the place and get DNA evidence from the trickle of blood that will be flowing from their ears 😀

    OK, I know that this may not cause bleeding from the ears, but it what??


    Will sure seem like that for anyone stupid enough to try to break in again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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