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    stacey cook

    Entrys so far for the 2nd annual Grand junction Motor Speeday Golf Tournament, Get your entrys in today!!! it is a blast with some great prizes and fun for all…. WE NEED HELP KNOCKING OFF TEAM SCOTTY MUFFLER SO GET YOUR TEAM TOGETHER 4 MAN SCRAMBLE!!!!
    Call Redlands Mesa Golf Club 970-263-9270


    Team 1. Critical Zone Racing
    Stacey Cook, Darren Cook, Randy Cook, Tiger Woods

    Team 2. Team PCI
    Mike Cunningham, Pat Click, Glen Fortner, ??

    Team 3. Team Scotty’s (Defending Champions)
    Jake Snider, Rodney Snider, Matt Hall (ringer) Keith ?????? (another ringer)

    Team 4. Team Dyslexics
    Curt Kistler, Matt Kistler, Ben Shermerhorn, Mark Shermerhorn

    Team 5. Team Hanson Racing
    Mel Hanson, Bobby Detray (hired gun) Gary Hedinger, Todd Simpson

    Team 6. Adcock Concrete
    Mike Adcock, Kody Adcock, Kyle Garrity, Butch Norris

    Team 7. the 4 Stooges
    Scott Burke, Scott Falcon, Jeff Elsnogle, Aaron Sherman

    Team 8. RBI Racing
    Richard Buxman, Mike Baures, Robert Baures, Phil Mickelson

    Curt Kistler

    We will call the course and set up our team as well.

    Curtis Strangelove
    Mark Shermerwoods
    Matt Mickelson
    Ben Hoganhorn

    stacey cook


    Sure looks like a good team 😯

    Ben Schermerhorn


    I’ve got a couple tee times goin for some practice, so I actually kind find my ball and make it to the green. :!

    Mike Cunningham

    Just a warrning ! Stacey – scratch / Randy – 6 handy cap / Darren – 48 handy cap. I would ask for strokes but Darren makes it even. 😀

    stacey cook

    Lastest update…. Sign up now!!!!

    Mike Edwards

    BEN……….If ya can’t find your balls, maybe it’s best to stay home 😕

    Just tryin to help
    Mikey :cheers:

    Ben Schermerhorn

    😥 :cheers:

    Rick Schmidt


    If you read his post well. It says “ball” meaning only one. Somekind of medical anomally?

    Or maybe it was the old. “I’d give my left n_t” to be able to race karts?

    Anyway. Sounds he only has one!


    stacey cook


    Darren needs more than one…. any donations would be appreciated, he started with 48 last year and ended with 2.. We used one of his shots the whole day, a 2 foot putt…. He is the worst golfer I have ever seen… 😥
    Thank god we have Tiger…. :cheers:

    stacey cook

    Come on you big sissys…. get a team together and lets play some golf…. Great course, great weather, great fun…..Any side bets???

    Anyone that doesn’t have a team and wants to play let me know and we can group you with others…

    stacey cook

    7 Teams signed up so far, come on get your team together and lets play some golf….

    Mike Cunningham

    Mr. Buxman where are you ? FREE BEER 😉


    I am in. Mike Baures, Robert Baures, Myself, and we need one more. If you are interested and have a 3 handicap or lower then we will consider letting you play. We do not want to pick up bad habits from anything less then a 3??????????????????????????

    Hey mike, want to do some side wagers???? and, double or nothing again on the beer??????

    I just got back in town and am leaving again so I will have Mike B sign us up. I have to change my schedules around as i was not going to be in town that week.

    Mike Jansen

    Darren spends too much time reading the National Enquirer instead of playng golf



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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