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    Brad Linkus

    I looked on mylaps at the results for TAG masters and there must be a problem with the scoring system. It shows that Jansen won!

    Christian Bird

    No Mistake!!! Mike Drove a great race!!!

    Awsome job Mike!!!!! :bow

    Jay Luttrull

    Great job Mike you deserve it. I have never met you but your post’s are always $$$. Your one of the guys that keep me coming back to this forum. Congrats on your win.

    Mike Jansen

    I bought a newspaper this morning. Here’s what it said:

    Interest rates are back at 5%
    The Raiders are in first place
    Hell froze over
    And Jansen completed 20 laps. And without any shortcuts he completed them first :banana

    Life is good! I’d like to thank Jim Keesling for the magnums of heiniken presented on the podium. That… was… the sweetest tasting beer I’ve ever had! 😀

    stacey cook

    That Tag Masters class is nuts!!! Great Job Mike…


    Cograts Mike, awesome race, I think you proved your point, you don’t win it in turn one on the first lap.


    Rick Schmidt

    stacey cook Posted: Tue 06 12, 2007 8:19 am Post subject: Tag Masters

    That Tag Masters class is nuts!!! Great Job Mike…

    Multiple lead changes, incredible chase downs, last lap passes, wrecks, tight packs made it anyone guess. It was some very good competition on track. I don’t see any of the big / old guy’s holding back (because they have to go to work tommorow) once the visor flips down. It’s on!!!

    stacey cook

    There were so many great races… the stock moto heat race, there were 6 guys bumper to bumper the whole race… Mike Adcock coming from dead last in the main to 2nd and on the bumper of doc at the finish….

    And of course Patrick doing the big cartwheel in turn one and then jumping up and push starting the other guy and then jumping back in his own kart and finishing…. WOW!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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