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    Jim Keesling

    Hello all,
    Now is the time to buy your transponder for racing.
    We had a lot of problems with no batteries and weak signals.
    They are your responsibilty.
    As of the race for July, the Track will not have transponders for rent. If you bring one (from Brad or borrow one) and they don’t work, it is the fault of the racer and not Brad nor the Track. You will be scored dnf, no time, last etc…
    You now have 1 1/2 months to get one for our next race…(CSC included)

    Terry Von Tilius

    Jim, I new to all this stuff… just starting out. My first race will be the race on the 22nd at The Track. So what transponder do I buy? Where do I find one? etc.

    Brad Linkus

    IMI has the AMB transponders instock.


    How much are the transponders? Are they the new or old style?

    Les Prins

    Brad, How much?

    Given how much trouble the old ones were at the race, I don’t think I would mess with buying a used one anywhere. Wouldn’t trust the battery. Besides, they still go for over $200 on eBay and the extra money for a new one is cheap insurance that your laps will count.

    I asked the question before if you could use the same transponder for 2 different classes and the answer was yes. Is this still true as long as they do not run together?

    Brad Linkus

    New style transponders with charger $275.

    You can use the same one for more than one class.



    On the last thread of this topic, before the season started, you stated that if no transponder was used we would just have to start at the rear of the main.

    Is that still an option?


    Will they still be available to rent at IMI if you don’t complain about them?

    Angie MacEwen

    the 260 or 160 will work. I am sure there will still be some transponders to rent, but how many, and how well they work may be issue! We will of course do our best to have them available. Just put it on your birthday, Christmas, or wish list now! The more people that have their own, and bring them to the track fully charged, the quicker things can move on race day morning.

    Russ, starting in the back if you don’t get a qual time is fine, but keeping track of where everyone is on the track during a race is much easier with transponders!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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