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    What is specified, if anything, for this class ?

    The “Nasty Noob” team is getting ready !!

    I’m guessing this class doesn’t run new race rubber every race ? How long do people go between changes; is this totally subjective ?


    Our gang is looking forward to meeting the “old timers” here !!

    Mike Jansen


    Bridgestone YHC’s will do the trick and they could last two races (I personally change tires every race, if you have additional rims you could save them for only races)

    the other tires I don’t know anything about except that last year the MG yellows were comperable but it seems they are now softer and aren’t for the recreational classes anymore.

    How’s that?


    What TAG masters class? I may have missed something, but I haven’t seen any thing official about it? Weights, tires, moonphase? I’ve seen some talk about it, but talking doesn’t make it so.


    Mike Jansen


    Didn’t you hear! We are now going to race ALL Tag’s together! SR, JR, MASTERS, ETC, ETC. The weight will all be at 385 (zit motor) and extrapolate accordlingly to your engine (Just learned that word on Jerry Springer last night)

    If we have more than 30 per class then we’ll have qualifying races with the top 16 making the main. The remaining will have a last chance qualifier to transfer to the main.

    Isn’t it going to be great!

    Also, they ARE going to allow MG yellows. Dennis Garwood will race since they will now allow his “special fuel additive” :mrgreen:

    By the way, I’ve got some land I am trying to sell in Florida too.

    You know what’s funny? Bernie Eccelstone runs F1 like a dictator. I wonder if he allows participants to make the rules because he wants to please everybody or if he makes rules for the better of the sport and spectators. 😥 Bernie made the sport what it is today by doing what he thought was right for the sport.

    Doug Welch

    @Mike Jansen wrote:

    By the way, I’ve got some land I am trying to sell in Florida too.

    Above or below the water table?

    Mike Jansen


    Let’s talk about a trade for those used YHC’s and I’ll give you more details. Since I feel generous today, I’ll even throw in a few beers of your choice!




    If you look here at the link posted by Angie a while back for the rules (which might not be right for the weights, but I believe there are no issues with the tires), you will find the following quote,

    “Allowed tire compounds are Bridgestone YHC (or YGK), Dunlop SL-4, Vega Red, Burris M30, MG Red, Maxxis HG3, and Maxxis HT3.”

    Sounds like the front runners are changing tires every race. I think I’ll try to get at least 2 races out of each before they are retired to practice duty. New tires every race can get pricey quickly.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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