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    Hello Race Fans,

    If you don’t have an AMB TransX 160 Personal Transponder yet, you need to get one. All the tracks use them in Timing and Scoring, but not all the tracks will have rental transponders available. If the tracks have the transponders available, they will charge up to $50 for an emergency rental fee on top of the entry fee.

    You can register your new personal transponder on mylaps.com to track your race results, or even find out what kind of lap time you need at the next race track to be competitive.

    Another good reason for owning your own transponder, is that you may get a faulty rental transponder, as I have done in the past, and not get your qualifying session recorded, which relegates you to the back of the grid.

    The Racing Season is upon us with The Track at Centennial’s Season opener this Sunday. http://www.thetrack.us And the Colorado Junior Karting Club’s Season opener the following weekend. http://www.coloradojuniorkartingclub.com

    If you are planning on racing this season, it makes good sense to own your own personal racing transponder from AMB Timing and Scoring, which is now http://www.mylaps.com.

    All Pikes Peak Kart Racing Club racers will need to have their own transponders, or be able to borrow one from a racer in another racing class. One of our club members has purchased an AMB Timing and Scoring Decoder, but the club currently has no rental transponders available, and feels the racer should be responsible for his or her own transponder.

    New AMB TransX 160 Transponders are available at, but not limited to the following for $300 at:




    I have seen used ones ebay go for well over $200. Buying used transponders may not be the best thing to do, unless you know about the battery life left. Another thing to consider is that if you want to reregister the used transponder online, there is a $40 fee from mylaps.com. I’m sure they do they this to steer you toward a new one.

    stacey cook

    Grand Junction Motor Speedway has them also and…… we will be happy to rent you one at any of our events for $10 We will also be bringing them to the PPIR event if anyone needs one. reserve yours today.

    Gerald McCrackin

    Grand Junction Motor Speedway will be providing transponder rentals at PPIR for the SKUSA races only. Not PPKRC races at PPIR.

    If you plan on racing with Pikes Peak Kart Racing Club at PPIR, you need to provide your own transponder.

    You can check with IMI motorsports about a possible rental transponder by mail.

    IF you find, or use a rental transponder make sure the light is flashing green, 1 flash equals 1 days worth of charge. Flashing red means it could quit at any time.


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