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    Thoughts & prayers go out to Rick Schmidt. Tomorrow is his big spine mod. Be nice to your nurses.

    The Jacobellis Family

    stacey cook

    Jay, what is he having done? we will al be thinking about him, hope all goes well..

    Mike Cunningham

    Our thoughts & prayers will be with you Rick.
    The Cunninghams

    Mike Edwards

    Rick……..We wish you a speedy recovery.

    Mike, Julie, Sydney & Tyler Edwards :cheers:


    he is having anterior spinal fusion of his neck :ambulance


    Wishing you a fast recovery… 😉


    Thanks everybody!

    They said no food or drink after midnight. Lucy asked what I want for dinner and a wine and anti-pasta sounded the best.

    My left arm has been numb and loosing motor since last January, should have fessed up sooner but we were having sooo much fun racing, I just stalled it for a while. Now I’ll get er done.

    Stacey, I have a solid cervical spine (2 surgeries) that was injured in 1995. I broke 3 vertabrae (ruptured 5 disc’s) and a portion of one of them rotated into my spinal cord and as the surgeon said “you have a very sick spinal cord” They got it removed and I have a very trick cage in there now. They will fuse 2 more levels thurs and hopefully that will be the end of it. Hell you’ve 33 vertebrae, I can do without 9 of them. I know you have had cervical fusion as well. I actually feel fortunate to be able to do the things I can! As you know it will slow a guy down for a bit, but I fully intent to get back in the game. I did not let my recovery take it’s course last time like I should have, but this time I’m going to keep it cool.

    A lot of our friends have offered to help Roman next year till I’m full strength.

    Kinda funny, Doc Conyers nailed it in Vegas as far knowing something was up.

    I cherish the friendships we’ve made racing with you all and look forward to making more great racing and memories soon.

    Thanks again,



    Saying a good prayer for ya Rick. I know you’ll be feeling better afterwards…so Cheers :cheers: and here is to a speedy recovery!

    Ron Rudolph

    You are a brave man for waitng so long , or perhaps ? Hahahaha
    I had my c5-c6 done, I would have rather given birth!
    Anyway Rick you and yours are a great part of this community, and look forward to seeing you in 2007!

    God Speed ! Brother………

    stacey cook


    We all will be with you in that operating room.. seems like alot of us have had fusions and most all seem to be doing pretty well. It is really miserable when you have no feeling and start losing use of your arm. The doc knows his stuff and hopefully he will keep his thumb on you until your healed….

    Mike Jansen

    Hey the doctor called and said while Rick’s under sedation we can do anything we want with him. He’ll be out for a day. Sooooooooo….

    Deliverance anyone??? 😉
    Yea Yea it’s a warped British humour!

    While he’s out (since he hates to admit it) if you see him trying to lift a kart before July of next year you have my personal okey dokey to kick him in the pants, or anything heavy for that matter. That’s why he didn’t heal properly last time.

    Brian Robson

    Good luck Rick! Now you should have no excuses on lifting hay bales at Supernationals XI. :direct


    Ken Bort

    Rick, wishing you the best and full and speedy recovery. :sun:

    Ken And Nicole Bort


    Hi Rick,

    Get well soon. I look forward to seeing you at the track again. 🙂



    Good luck with a wonderful recovery!!

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