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    Doug Welch

    Nick Neri on his Shockwave Karting cadet with his Shockwave built engine has just won the MinMax class at the Rotax Grand National. For winning, Nick will be part of team USA in Portugal for the world finals.

    You can meet this fine young driver at the upcoming CSC race at The Track on October 8. He will be in town for the race and driving in the MiniMax class.

    Rodney Ebersole

    That’s cool Doug. Congratulations! but wait…. you just varified and advertized “percieved advantage” with a sealed mini max motor. LOL

    Doug Welch

    I kind of like this shot from the Grand Nationals


    Great, now maybe there will at least be five and perhaps six karts in that class this coming race (sorry just couldn?t resist). Congratulations to you both and look forward to see how he does against our local boys and girl.

    Doug Welch


    This year in the CSC. On average, the animal class has had 5.75 entries per race. The MiniMax class has had on average 5.875. Looks to me that statistically, its a draw. I’m thinking about putting together a K80 just to see how well it does.

    Actually, the reason Nick is coming out is as a reward for doing so well this year. The kid has had a great season, winning two national championships. The kid has never seen the mountains and this will be a short vacation for them. This family is the type I really like to associate with, very helpful to every racer, and they don’t take themselvs to seriously. His dad is one of the really class acts and I feel very fortunate that they use our equipment.

    I’m hoping that everyone here will give them the type of welcome we are known for here in Colorado. Everyone should feel free to come up and introduce yourselves to them, Nick and his dad Marty.

    Oh, I alsmot forgot, the 3rd place driver in MinMax at the Rotax Grands was a kid named Bobby Ross. He is new to karting this past year and they too have one of our karts. He’s a great story for this kid really suffers from ADD and karting has given him a real place to focus. I have been around him quite a bit and this kid has a really hard time focusing, not even for a few seconds. His dad has told me that school is very difficult for him. Yet he can and does listen very intently when you talk with him about racing and once the helmet goes on, he is intensly focused. Just another thing about racing that seems to help some kids.


    Doug, sorry for the delay, but I have been busy and haven?t spent much time recently reading this website. 😥

    Now, aren?t statistics fun? Just ask any politician. I am not sure how you calculated your numbers and it doesn?t really matter, but I went through and counted just the qualifying rounds for all CSC races (there are Junior 1 Animals racing in CSC that aren?t CSC registered). Taking that into account, yes we have had a high of 9 and a low of 2 but the average for Animals is 6.25 per race. In the end does this matter? NO. By the end of this year, I think you will see a total revamping of the Junior 1 class with cost be the driving force; in my opinion this is moving in the right direction. Yes, the minis are here to stay and with RMax challenge races here within the state it is an interesting avenue if you can afford it, but I think the minis are too expensive, depending on drivers age selected they can be too fast, and frankly the idea of the motor for life doesn?t hold water here, especially when you got ?die-hard? CSC Rotax guys switching to and fro to IAME Leopard motors depending on which track the next race is at. I realize I am drifting off subject here, but how does that help the mini philosophy; how does this help the cost of karting in the TAG classes?

    I personally wish CSC would require racers in the CSC TAG classes to state their motor package up front and they then, have to run those ?stated? package all year.



    By the end of this year, I think you will see a total revamping of the Junior 1 class with cost be the driving force; in my opinion this is moving in the right direction.

    What engine are you talking about?

    Scott Smith

    stacey cook


    We feel the Mini has been a great value for us. Sabre’ and Tristan have run the same motor for 2 seasons and all that has ever been changed is the spark plug… They are great!!

    Doug Welch

    @dnew wrote:

    Rotax guys switching to and fro to IAME Leopard motors depending on which track the next race is at.

    I think the only clown who switched from a Rotax to a Leopard and back depending on which track is me. But since we are not running for the championship, what difference does it make? The only others I’m aware of to have run different motors over the course of the year are Kyle, (Motri and Leopard), Gunter (Motri and Rotax) and Mike (Rotax and Motri) Kyle was demonstrating the Motri for his team, Gunter and Mike felt their Rotax was not competitive.

    There is no need to make a rule for no one is abusing what we have right now.


    Whats a Motri? 😉

    Mike Jansen

    Your Honor:

    Let the facts show that I was tired of my Rotax and I wanted another future boat anchor.

    I have, since purchase of a new Motri (actaully your honor let the record show that it is a MOTORI 7, the most powerful engine in the world and could blow your head clean off with its massive acceleration you have to ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Well do you… punk?)

    I will continue to use said Motori through the season’s remainder and will not be jumping off the bandwagon of said engine.

    Counsellor, your witness…

    Curt Kistler

    It’s a motr knucklehed :joker

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