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    Curt Kistler

    A final decision has been made as to when, where and what time the Town Meeting is going to finally happen.

    When: November 19th, 2006.
    Where: Holiday Inn Lakewood, 7390 West Hampden, (Wadsworth & Hampden) Behind Old Chicago.
    Time: Doors will open at 11:00 am, and the meeting will run until it’s over.

    This will be the day after our awards banquet so all the GJ, SLC and other out-of-towners should be around.

    Rusty stepped up and paid for this facility out of his pocket. I suggest that somebody pass the hat for all of us to make donations to help offset his generosity.

    The room will hold about 100 people, and there is a bar and resturant open to provide you with whatever your food and beverage needs are. Space may become a factor, so please, be considerate as to how many family members come.

    Thank You,


    I vote NO ADULT beverages. Could be counter productive.:argue


    Ian, is that you? :cheers:

    George Durdin

    Thanks for your help establishing the meeting…..and to Rusty for his contribution.
    I second Ian’s motion……….let’s keep this a business meeting.

    Curt Kistler

    I can’t tell people what to drink on their time, however, I will have Big Mike Edwards in charge of crowd control. We will have moderators to keep things moving and on topic, and a full adgenda to make the day go by very fast. If anyone shows up and decides to drink too much and let the booze take over, I am sure there will be enough concerned karters on board to show them the door.

    I am confident in the folks who are showing up to make this a very productive day.

    I am off to Maui for a week of R&R with the family. Please contact Angie or Rusty if you have any questions or concerns about the meeting.

    Aloha :sail



    With my son Mark driving, R&R comes up frequently. It stands for shoud we replace or repair the damage to the kart.

    Have fun.


    Eddy Wyatt

    Curt and Rusty

    Thank you for taking the lead and making this happen!! This will be a great opportunity to promote unity and share knowlege for a very successful start to the 2007 racing season. You can count on us to make a generous contribution in off-setting Rusty’s expense. For planning purposes, David, Marland and I plan to be there.

    Meek Motorsports, LLC



    I know you don’t want to discourage anyone, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
    We Do not have time for any BS :argue (especially ME). My opinion is, if people cannot come to “a meeting of the minds” sober. They should not participate in the meeting.

    I will assume the role of keeping order to facilitate the meeting. ie Roberts Rules of Order.

    Curt Kistler

    The deadline for the surveys is this Friday. Be sure to get them in to be part of the data reported at the Town Meeting.

    Remember that the meeting will be the day after the 2006 Awards Banquet. Out of towners that wish to be part of the Town Meeting can book a room at The Holiday Inn and get some extra sleep prior to the start.

    I plan on making the first part of the meeting informational with the reporting of all the survey data. Please be prompt as the Town Meeting will start on-time, regardless of the weather and the Bronco Game.

    Ian will be in the bar prior to the start of the meeting getting hammered with Bobby if you wish to get lubed up :cheers:

    Doors will open at 11:00am. The meeting will start at 11:30 sharp ❗

    Hope to see you all at both events.

    Call with any questions,
    Curt Kistler 303-901-2984

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