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    Doug Welch

    …here goes. This is a press release for the first CSC.

    The weekend of May 6 was a weekend of firsts. It was the first Colorado Sprint Championship of the season, the first outing of the year for the Shockwave Karting team and the first time the CSC ever ran in the rain. It was the first time in the wet for most of the Colorado racers as traditionally, they do not run in the rain. Most of the drivers had a blast. Many a driver said something to effect, ?Why hadn?t we done this before?? Even a couple of the Kid Kart drivers who did not run in the rain wanted to know, ?Why not?? It was also a weekend of firsts for Shockwave Karting, as in first on the track!

    Action Karting at Bandimere was the first stop on the 2007 CSC and first up for the team was K80 cadet. Shockwave Karting had two entries, recent kid kart graduates AJ Jacobellis and Lindsey Freier. Lindsey worked to improve all day and dropped almost 5 seconds off her lap times in the trying conditions. AJ, besides giving us a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner during opening ceremonies, worked hard to improve his starting position and ended the day in the top 5 with a 4th place finish.

    Next up, TaG senior. Shockwave Karting had several drivers entered including Mark Lubischer, Marco Ferrero, David Zippie, Mike Weatherman and factory driver Greg Welch. Qualifying found Zip on top with Greg right beside for an all Shockwave Karting front row for the qualifier. In the prefinal, Greg got the jump on Dave and took the early lead. The two ran together for most of the race when unfortunately disaster struck for Zip in the form of a stuck motor. This shuffled everyone up a spot but hard work by Mike Weatherman got him up into the 3rd spot for the main. It was not without a cost. The team would find that Mike?s kart was badly damaged due to contact in the prefinal and a bent frame was the result. It would make things tough for him in the main.

    In the main Greg got the jump on second place starter Pat Rosse and was never seriously challenged. Greg quickly pulled out a 1.5 second lead in the opening laps and held it. Smartly, Greg quickly found a pace needed to maintain the lead and held it throughout the race. The only excitement was when he came up on lapped traffic. Greg got through quickly and cruised to a 6 second win.

    The MiniMax class had one Shockwave Karting pilot, Conner New. In variable conditions, Conner was able to get a 4th spot in qualifying. Disaster struck in the heat race with Conner dropping out with 4 laps to go. This meant he would be starting in the back for the main. The main for the young drivers would be wet. This was Conner?s first time on rain tires. However, he quickly moved through the field and was soon sitting firmly on the back bumper of Cole MacEwen. Try as he might, he could not find a way around. Then it really started to rain. Cole?s kart wasn?t working as well as Conner?s and before long, Conner was able to slip by into third. By this time the leaders were long gone so he held station until the end. Another podium for Conner and Shockwave Karting.

    TaG Junior saw the coming of age for Jesse Runkle. In variable conditions, he took the pole by almost 2 seconds. Showing kart control beyond his years, he dominated the field in the pre-final and the main, thereby scoring maximum points to start the season. The entire team has high hopes for this young driver this season.

    TaG Masters found the lone Shockwave pilot on the podium by the time the rain settled. It didn?t start out looking that good, but steady driving and skillful tire management by Charles Gordon found him challenging for the lead by the end. After qualifying a safe 8th, Charles improved in the prefinal to 3rd with increased speed due to talented driving. In the main, he took a conservative approach so as not to hurt his tires and by the 12th lap, found himself in 2nd and closing fast. It was clear the leader was in trouble and Charles was looking for a place to pounce. Unwilling to make a bold move that could have taken both himself and the leader out, Charles stayed glued to the leader?s bumper, crossing the stripe only .2 of a second behind. A good start to the season by a smart driver.

    Last up for the team was Spec Honda. While several teams concentrated their efforts in this class, Shockwave Karting had only one driver in it, Justin Simonson. In only his second year, Justin felt the need to bang gears and moved from TaG Senior to Spec Honda. Using the smooth driving skills learned in his TaG kart in the slippery conditions, Justin qualified a fine 3rd in this stacked field. Justin?s start looked like a seasoned pro as he quickly moved in to second spot for the pre-final and again used a lightening quick start to take the lead in the main. He dropped back a spot but held off a charging fellow racer to bring it home in second. A great start to the season for this new shifter racer.

    It was a great start to the season for the drivers on the Shockwave Karting team. The final tally, 2 first place finishes, two second place finishes and two third?s. The next outing for the team is the CSC race in Grand Junction. For information about joining the Shockwave Karting team, contact us at the factory at 303-781-7829

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