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    Angie MacEwen

    You may have noticed a thread disappear from the forum recently?. If you were following the discussion (hard to call it that), then you probably are not surprised that I removed it.

    Me and my family love karting. It is a great sport for my kids to be involved in, and something that my family can do together with mutual interest. I can?t begin to tell you how much of my time, effort, money, and stress goes into Colorado Karting. I am not complaining, I do enjoy it.

    Point is.. I created website and forum to be a blessing to the karting community. I saw a need for more communication, a place where CONSTRUCTIVE information could be posted and shared. For the most part, it has worked that way, but every now and then a few among us start throwing stones again. Please don?t. I hate having to delete things. I think people should be able to share their experiences, good and bad. But certain things need to be well thought out, and posted with care. There is nothing constructive about calling names, posting rumors, or straight out bashing someone. Don?t make it personal.

    Off my soapbox

    Thank You


    Mike Edwards

    Angie…………come on now, shouldn’t the entertainment value come first?

    Mikey 😉


    I agree with you Angie……if you can’t say something nice, we shouldn’t say it at all. Hope everyone had a good day….just got done driving a Reynard F2000 :sun: …..simply amazing.

    George Durdin

    Thank you……….
    Now lets talk about karting instead of each other………

    Eddy Wyatt


    You are absolutely right. Issues should be resolved off line one on one in private. Thanks for all you and your family are doing to promote the sport we all love.

    Eddy Wyatt


    Thanks for all you and your family are doing for our sport. We would not be here if was not for you!!!!!!! We support you and what you believe!

    You need us, just call and we will be their. (Us = Colorado Karters) If you do not like what were doing, then don’t join us!!!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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