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    Not sure how everyone else feels on the tyre thing but I would like to suggest we go for vega SL7’s, or similar, for TAG.
    I would not like to have to use MG reds as they wear out too quickly and you would definitely need a set per race to be competitive. I believe with a harder tyre (from any reputable manufacturer), the best interests of the racer will be better served.
    A tyre that would still be able to win on it’s second race is what is ideal for the pocket. Bridgestone YEQ’s (or their current equivalent, harder than YHC’s) are capable of that, not to mention lots of testing afterwards.
    Tyres can have a very big cost impact on the season, especially if they go too far down the soft route.
    I wonder is there some way the drivers can have a say in what tyre to use rather than having the decision “handed out”, with a potential high cost impact ? ?
    PS I think it is fantastic for everyone to be on the same tyres, just let them last a while…..!


    i think that is a GREAT idea. my vote would be for the dunlop sl-4.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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