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    Jim Keesling

    Happy New Year to all. I am writing the letter to announce what is new at “The Track”. All contractors have let me know that I need 3 weeks to put the track and paddock in place. I have decided to start the project at the time that I can complete the project. The FAA has the ball in their court and once the internal wait is over, the project will begin and end rather quickly.:cheers:

    On the subject of the CSC and rules, National Orgs., schedules, blah, blah, blah… I would like to take this time to announce my decision and appointment as the new SKUSA Mountain Pro Tour Region Director. I have had several important conversations with the head office, and feel that with the right people and help, SKUSA’s new direction is going to be a hugh success. Currently, the direction that this will take me doesn’t effect the CSC at all. If the board of the CSC wants the SKUSA Mountain Pro Tour to be a part of CSC or vise versa, all doors are open for discussion.
    From my point of view, The Track at Centennial wants and needs to offer a quality level of racing with rules that are in place and an organization that wants to listen to new ideas and adjust programs to the specific region. SKUSA’s idea of creating a “lifestyle” is just what The Track at Centennial is all about.

    For the road warriers out there, you need to pick and choose what is important to you, a chance of a national title by travelling all over, racking up points and chasing that dream, or racing your kart at a well run national program right in your back yard.

    I am excited about the options that will be presented in 2005. Stay tuned for more exciting news on this “same kart station, same kart time”…(for those young bucks out there, ask you dad what I’m talking about)

    Happy New Year!



    Jim……if you’re having to wait on an FAA approval, you might want to let me see if I can have one of my dad’s friends “speed the process”. He was a former Senior Director for the FAA….at Centennial 🙂

    Ben Schermerhorn

    Jim sounds great! I can’t wait. Good Luck.



    Congratulations Jim. Good luck with everything. It will be great to see the new track.


    Jeff Clark



    I can’t wait to use the new track! Living in Parker means quick access and more “kitchen passes”!!!



    Thanks for the update. Those contractors will be flying. Cure the track well.

    I think everybody is excited about your track, and wishes you luck. The karters will support your endeavor! If you run your track like the way you ran the Denver Mini Grand Prix, you will have a blockbuster!!

    I’ll be there



    Sounds like things are in motion. You have my full backing on the SKUSA decision. I think it will be a great opportunity for our regional guys to see how they stack up against the rest of the country at the final race.

    Regional racing all year, one Final race to crown a National champion, less travel, for $75.00. You can count Team RBI in for that one.

    Good luck and call if you need any help.

    Richard Buxman

    Hey drivers, let’s hear what you think. We as drivers are the final decision makers in how things go. Let’s choose a direction and run with it. The sooner the better so we can make our plans. If anyone has questions they can call me at the shop 800-268-0844.

    Curt Kistler

    Way to go Jim!!! I know you have been working this deal for a long time now and it was not a last minute desision. This gives us the sanctioned rule book we have been requesting, with no exclusions, inclusions or seperate track addendums. :cheers:

    Good news, bad news for us…

    We have been patiently waiting for this, along with others, to build our ’05 program.
    Good news: We can now start tunning our RBI 80 shifter on dry days.
    Bad news: We just got back from a family ski weekend / new years celebration, and Matt broke his leg trying to beat dad to the bottom of Keystone on our last run of the day 🙁

    6 weeks in a cast!!! He is really bummed out, and in alot of pain. But not to worry, he will be back with some unfinnished business to take care of.

    Happy New Year to all, and to Team Billet and Team RBI, we will be in touch real soon. :sun:

    The Kistlers


    Thanks for taking the SKUSA position. Can you tell us what other tracks will make up the mountain region. We know it is only Colorado and Utah. When the info comes your way pass it on to the rest of us as quickly as possible.

    Feed the boy. Take some money out of the race budget and put it in the feed budget. Hope Matt gets well soon.


    Doug Welch


    Sorry to hear about Matt. Tell him to get well soon.


    Take care Matt.

    a bummner!

    Curt Kistler

    Thanks guys. Bill, I can’t get him to eat, or gain. Wish I had that problem.

    stacey cook

    Curt, when we were kids my two dumb brothers were racing on the last day, last run of the year and crashed into each other right in front of the lodge resulting in the younger one breaking his leg and being in a cast for 8 weeks.. he wanted to kill Darren, thank god he couldnt catch him… :sun:

    Mike Jansen


    Just another reason why you should trade in the popsicle sticks and get on a board. Try the dark side you’ll love it!


    Like I said in an earlier thread, what is SKUSA going to offer us? Maybe you can enlighten us (read me) that are in the dark…

    Cheers amigo for the foot forward if anyone can pull it off you can!



    Try milkshakes on Matt.

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