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    Marc Elliott

    posted January 05, 2004 02:32 PM posted by Jim Murley

    Dublin, Ohio (January 5th, 2004) – SKUSA announced today the following dates and events for the 2004 SKUSA National Pro Tour. These events will be Friday through Sunday, dual event weekends. As in 2003, the SKUSA Pro Tour will have three events in each of the regional divisions ? Eastern and Western ? with the World Finals combining the two regions.

    March 19 to 21: Jax – Jacksonville, FL
    April 30, May 1 & 2: Moran Raceway – Beaumont, CA
    May 21 to 23: Grand Junction – Grand Junction, CO
    June 25 to 27: Norway – Norway, IL
    July 23 to 25: Pat’s Acres – Canby, OR
    Aug. 13 to 15: New Castle – New Castle, IN
    Sept. 17 to 19: World Finals – Norman, OK


    SuperPro – This is the elite class and the national showcase of Superkarts! USA. You must have a Super A license in order to compete in this class and have exemplary 125cc shifter kart racing ability and experience. SuperPro karts will use ICC motors only. To protect the status of the SuperPro class and to ensure the highest level of professional competition SKUSA will closely review all applications for the Super A license.
    S1 – This semi-pro level 125cc shifter class is the perfect place for anyone aspiring to be a SuperPro. You must have an A license in order to run in S1. ICC & Moto motors will be allowed to run in this class.
    Super G – This class in intended to meet the needs of experienced shifter kart drivers that are at least 35 years old and desire to compete on the Pro Tour. You must have a G level license in order to race in this class. ICC & Moto motors will be allowed to run in Super G.
    JR – Junior is a developmental class and produces some of the most exciting races all year. Juniors must run an 80/85cc Moto and have a D license in order to compete.
    TAG Sr. /TAG Master – TAG Sr. offers a place on the national level for the increasingly popular Touch-And-Go motors to race. This class will allow Super A, A and B license drivers to race in it. TAG Masters allows those Touch-And-Go drivers that are at least 35 years old OR over 200 lbs to race the Pro Tour as well. These two TAG class will be ran together, but scored separate until the fields are big enough to run them as two classes.

    Each driver will be allowed one race drop within the point system. Like previous years in SKUSA, we will follow the East and West scoring format. Additional announcements of scheduled one off events organized by SKUSA, will be forthcoming. Also, any minor rule changes for 2004 will be released on our website later in this week.

    ***Special Discount for any renewing members. From now until January 31st, anyone who renews their SKUSA membership will receive a 20% discount. All memberships must be postmarked by January 31st in order to qualify. Go to, then to ?about? and ?join/renew? to download new forms.

    2004 promises to bring an elevated level of competition between drivers and added excitement to the sport of karting. This is linked directly to the labor put in by many people behind the scenes, as well as the drivers and their teams. Thank you all for making karting what it is today. See you in the spring!

    stacey cook

    Mark, we are really excited about the Pro Moto coming to Colorado. We have our work cut out for us getting the facility ready, We are also having 6 Rotax Max Regional events that should be alot of fun. Stacey

    Marc Elliott

    talk about having somthing to do for a few months, rest assured, i will be at your track many times before that race

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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