The Biland world finals in Portugal was a great success

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    Brad Linkus

    I am in Germany now and wanted to tell you all what a great time we had in Braga Portugal helping Biland with the world final race. 48 drivers from all over the world raced against each other on a world class race track. I had brought Matt Champange, a driver I have sponsered in Biland races the last few years to this race. We had some bad luck in the qualifiying races with the rubber boots on the carb tearing so we had to start back in 29th position. Matt was knocked off the track in the first lap of the prefinal and inadvertantly cut one corner and had to start dead last, 34th in the final. Matt was able to finish 8th place passing 24 karts, the most any driver had passed all week including all of the 2-cycles. It was a impressive drive which was fun to watch. We will have the DVD soon as this race was broadcast live in Europe. I will be back on Friday and look forward to seeing all of you at the CSC race this Sunday.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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