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    I was in such a hurry to post the photo (see New Track New Challenge on this forum) of the Pikes Peak Kart Racing Clubs track at World Famous PPIR ( I left some questions unanswered. I hope this will answer them. :clap:

    1. The track layout is a Roger Miller Track Design. :clap:
    2. The track will use Plastic Barriers for Separation and Safety, track will be laid out with a Water base paint or Caulk, No hay bails, Limited use of Cones :clap:
    3. Timing and Scoring in a Air Conditions Building, “Need to Bring your own Transponder” 😐
    4. Drivers Meeting and Waiting area in a “Air Conditions building” :clap:
    5. Pre-Grid “Covered and in the Shade” :clap:
    6. Scale House Covered and in the Shade :clap:
    7. Flush Toilets and Full bathrooms :clap: :clap:
    8. Paved Pit area for Participants and Spectators :clap:
    9. Concession/Food and Drink :clap:
    10. Midway View Race Cars from Karts to Indy cars :clap:
    11. FM Broadcast PA system/ Professional Announcer :clap:
    12. Track length varies between .6 to .8 miles in length may be longer by Race Day :clap:
    13. Kid Kart track also!! :clap:
    14. Overnight Camping available in Pit Area :clap:
    15. Pit Spaces are 12×50 ft. :clap:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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