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    We will not be able to make it to the banquet tomorrow night so I wanted to say a few things.

    Thank you to Richard and Kelly Buxman for all of your help. We truly value your support and your friendship. We love you both.

    Thank you to all of the RBI staff, racers and families. There is no equal to the support you give! It was great fun getting to know everyone these past two years.

    Thank you to all of the S1 drivers this year. A special applause to Gary Davis. There was some tight racing with some interesting developments this year. It is nice to know two guys can wreck one another on the track and help each other fix each other?s karts in the pits. Congratulations Mike for another well deserved championship!!

    Thank you to my brother for undertaking this endeavor with me. Lotsa money, lotsa travel and lotsa fun. Who could ask for a better brother?

    Thank you to Scott, Deanna and Joey for joining the group. We love ya all and enjoy your company. Colorado needs more crazy Wyoming karters.

    Thank you to the track owners, corner workers, CSC officials and everyone else involved in making the CSC run so well. GREAT JOB!!

    Thank you to everyone that helped us out all year. Karters are truly special people and THAT is what will make this sport grow.

    Thank you to Dr. Performance and RBI Racing for the sponsorship help.
    <--PLUG!Thank you Paul Leary for the outstanding power plant and insightful conversations.Most of all, I would like to thank my loving, caring, helpful, giving, supportive, beautiful, very pregnant wife for putting up with me and this hobby. It was not an easy year for her and she still went above and beyond for this fat old bugger.Greatest of all thanks goes to GOD for watching over all of us this summer. He has a free help line open 24/7, no holding or busy signals! :bow ?

    We hope everyone has a peaceful winter and happy holidays.

    Mike & Star Baures
    RBI #76 S1

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