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    Marc Elliott

    I would like to thank the following people for a semi sucessful year…
    Mom and Dad, sponsers, mechanics, support, etc. Rodney and Brett awesome support, good motor. Alex at DNA, always being there for us and helping us out. Barry Lewis at Billet for the Sonik motor. Doug Welch for the help and haul to JV, Greg and Jeff for setup and competition in both Pro 125 and TaG SR. Preston Newberry for tuning. Bill Ray for allowing us to purchase his rear MG greens after we destroyed them at IMI. Donal Loughry for steallar compeition and a hella cool guy, Ben Schemerhorn for being a good friend and competition, along with the rest of the TaG Crew, Taylor, Ronnie, Julee, Dane, Jack, etc. In Pro, Kyle, Josh, Schular, Micheal, Colin, Alex, Sam, Tyler, JArret, Brandon, and AJ Noud, Rocko, and Richie for the help whenever we have needed any. JB for helping when we needed it, and Stacey and Darren always for putting up a kick ass track, along with constant help. And anyone else i may have forgoten….

    P.S. I had a great time in steamboat, although a rouge cone spun me in my tracks and cost me 2 laps of getting going again, only to have rejoined in the lead pack having to let them all go by, i still enjoyed the race, and even tho i launched a rod bearing in the prefinal, it was still a good weekend for us. Thanks to everyone who was associated with the SSGP

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