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    J.B. Olmstead

    All in all we had a terriffic day !

    Hard to believe all the compliments we got , from our count the compliments added up to close to three hundred , that has to be a record !

    Also — we had 350 spectators over and above the people affiliated with the race teams , — another record I think !

    With 104 racer entries we completely filled up the pits and over filled the huge parking lot .

    Thank You Racers and Families for your support !

    J.B./Ann Louise @ staff

    P.S. Special thanks to those of you who left tips for our crew and for not leaving any trash for us to clean up !


    Thanks J.B.

    Even though I couldn’t get my kart running, your staff is awesome. Nice people and cool to be around.


    Thanks ann louise for once again for having the cleanest port-a-potty’s!!!!!


    JB and Gang,

    You are right, you did a bang up job. thanks for having the Colorado gang at Bandi.

    The corner works and the two guys in the golf karts were on top of everything. Believe it or not I like the way they took charge, they didn’t mess around or take any BS-they were authoritative.



    I was logging on tonight to start this post. I am glad someone beat me to it.

    JB, Ann Louise and staff did an outstanding job. Everything was VERY efficient. We made it back to Wyoming by 11:00pm.

    The CSC staff was on the ball for sure. Great pre-grid, race and post race operations.

    Thank you everyone for a nice, safe weekend!

    Mike Baures

    P.S. My pregnant wife agrees on the porta pottie thing. She was able to use them without initiating a gag reflex. :puke <

    little inside joke

    Joe Rosse

    I’ve gotta agree with Ellee about the porta potties. See, even guys can appreciate that! :cheers:

    But it sure would help to do some work on the PA system. Even in space 71–no where near as far away as a lot of the outlying spaces, we missed nearly all of Drew’s commentary. 😥 Fortunately, we didn’t miss any grid calls, but that’s mostly because we paid extra close attention and could see the starting grid from our pit. How about an FM system so we can all keep track of what’s going on?


    I would like to thank everyone for thier kind comments. It is nice to know that someone is actually listening to me! 😀
    There was an FM system, but I was unable to get it to work. I am going to have to have written instructions with full color pictures for next year!!! 😆

    The corner workers said that they were really impressed with all of the racers and that if they are available, they would come out and work any race we had (High School baseball takes precident, Go Thunder Ridge!).
    As a side note, one corner worker did say that he was really surprised that 10 year olds actually knew the words he was using on the side of the track! 😯

    I look forward to seeing everyone at the year-end banquet.

    “Da Mile High Mouth”

    Ken Bort

    that was so much fun for my first season! (especially for coming in 5th place at my last race of the first kart racing season ever!)
    :wave I can’t wait for next season!
    😛 Nicole Bort

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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