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    Thank You for holding a swap meet. I actually was only planning for Brandon to get some seat time. We ended up selling over $1400 worth of used equiptment. Of course that money will go for more go kart parts and travel to get to the races. This should become a twice a year event. One at the beginning of season and when the season is 3/4 done.

    Thanks Again,
    Brian Moore
    father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter

    Kirk Deason

    Thanks from me, too. I picked up a gas can and mix-rite cup and got a fantastic deal on a new seat so my..’larger’ friends can take some laps on the kart.

    I also wanted to thank JB and the guys at the track for helping me get running on Sunday, my first session out I lost a header bolt. Luckily they had two new bolts with an allen wrench opening that allowed me to tighten the header bolts like they SHOULD have been. My day would have ended after one short session if it weren’t for their help.

    THANKS GUYS! I had a great time and will be back!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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