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    Curt Kistler

    Todd or Dennis,
    The new air boxes that are out on the market seem to have an inherent problem with dust, dirt and rock leakage. The Freeline box we run has problems with the foam filter caving in under full air flow conditions. The quick fix to keep the foam in the proper flat configuration is to lay a piece of 1/4″ chicken wire under it, keeping it firm. (No Mark Martin comments please)

    The question is: Does placing a piece of wire over the foam increase the performance, or is it classified as modifing the filter to a DQ condition? Is taping the outside seem of the air box a DQ condition? I can see where drilling holes for mounts or accessories can cause a DQ, but this type of modification would only cause a larger restriction of air.

    I have spoke with just about every kart shop, manufacture, and track owner… in town and have received various answers that could cause some heartburn if the ruling on race day goes the wrong way. Is this something that can be answered on this forum, or has there been another topic on this matter on another forum that has had a conclusion?

    I appreciate your opinion and advice. Just trying to keep the monster quite, while not sucking cylinder and reed thrashing debris in.

    Curt Kistler

    stacey cook

    Curt, we have had the same problem with the KG airbox, we have added a rubber seal that seems to keep the debris and dirt out, the airbox works great after that. Were not sure if it is legal but will try and get and answer and let you know..

    Doug Welch

    I think that if you did a pure CIK interpretation of the rules, any modifications from the homologation papers would be illegal. That would mean that putting in any form of support for the foam would not pass muster.

    However, that seems a little harsh for club type racing. As Curt pointed out, it certainly wouldn’t be a performance advantage, if anything, it would be the opposite. And it certainly would help the racer to have better and consistant filtration, particularly at some of our dustier tracks in terms of engine life. Its a shame that we get stuck with products that basicaly are not very good because the rules require them.

    I would support the type of “modification” Curt suggests. I don’t see a down side.

    Curt Kistler

    Thanks Stacey and Doug for your comments.

    Stacey, you are doing the right thing for your motors, and I obviously agree with you to take any measure to protect our motors. Most people I have discussed this with do agree that “any modification” is a nono.

    I hope Dennis or Todd can chime in and post a ruling prior to our next race.
    Meanwhile, I will bring this up in Black Rock next and see what they have to say.

    Have a great weekend!



    As Doug Pointed out the addition of the screen would be illegal. Taping of the outside seam is not a problem.

    As far as being stuck with inferior products. SKUSA only requires a CIK style air box meeting the tube dimension requirements. In the past many used no filter at all. While I’m aware of the leakage I would think it’s still better than before.

    Also, since all boxes are legal. I do know Air filter are available for the older style boxes that work fine.

    So your not restricted to only using the New Air box.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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