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    What are the tag weights going to be? Are we going to use the bench mark set by skusa/ tag usa, or follow Brads results and rules? There are 9 engine packages, only 3 were used in last years series. We cannot use last years results to establish any kind of equality in this years series. Skusa/ Tag usa did the testing and feel it is a good starting point for everyone, and promises to stay on top of any changes needed to level the playing field. This is the ONLY way to start the season without a problem. After reading the article posted by Doug Welch on weight, I can say, Doug, I don’t agree with all of your views, but I do agree with that article. Can we agree to use Skusa/ Tag usa weights + 15 lbs. That is half way between seninor and master weight, that way the heavy guys can come down a little, and the light guys can come up a little. PLEASE bring this to a conclusion ASAP, as time is running out.

    Brad Linkus

    It was decided at the meeting to go with TAGUSA/SKUSA weights for Senior + 20lbs. SKUSA may change the weights to make adjustments the first few races and our weights will change with them.

    Doug Welch

    Tag weights are decided and have been decided for two months. They are SKUSA/TaG USA +20. The only way that will change is if SKUSA changes theirs or we split the class into a masters and senior classes. The only way we will split the class if 40 guys show up for the first race. If that happens, we will ask the racers if they want two classes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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