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    Tony LaPorta

    I just wanted some clarification on the TaG Masters eligability age.
    The CSC page says 15- up w/ 200 lbs body weight, or 35+ yrs of age.

    So is that the case or do you have to be 35 yrs old??

    Angie, or Curt?


    Rick Schmidt


    Straight from YOUR Colorado Karter Csc Rule book; 11.11

    11.11 TaG Masters – – The rules listed below are taken from TaGUSA. There may be slight differences between the CSC rules and what is published for TaGUSA. If you have any questions on the rules, please contact a CSC official, or track owner for clarification.

    11.11.1 The TaG Masters class is for drivers over 35 years of age OR drivers over 15 years of age and 200 lbs. personal weight.

    11.11.2 Minimum weights see approved engines listed below in section 11.11.4.

    11.11.3 Chassis – Specifications in section 9.0 Race Vehicle Standard apply.

    11.11.4 Engine – Approved engines, and minimum weights, for TaG Masters are:

    Vortex TT 390 lbs.
    Biland Stealth 400 lbs.

    CRS 125 420 lbs.
    Comer 420 lbs.

    Motori Seven 400 lbs.
    Parilla Leopard 390 lbs.

    PRD 390 lbs.
    ATK 400 lbs.

    Rotax Max FR 125 390 lbs.
    Sonik TX 125 420 lbs.

    PCR 125 400 lbs. All rules and specifications from section 10.3 TaG Engine Standards must be adhered to. Individual factory engine specifications for each engine must be followed.

    Curt Kistler

    The 2008 rule book is about to be released. All of your questions will be answered soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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