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    Doug Welch

    The on track stuff will be one day shorter this year. Wednsday is for pull in, registrations, tech inspection and getting tires. On track stuff start first thing Thursday morning and finishes on Sunday. So if you are planning air and stuff, bring the kids in Wednsday night and they miss only 2 days of school.

    There are up to 10 classes with a coule not yet decided. At this time, there is no Tag junior. If you are a Tag junior that wants to go, call SKUSA to get it added. If they get 20 or more entires, its a should be a go. For those juniors who are thinking of moving up, those kids who turn 15 before the end of July next year, you can race in Tag senior. The full skinny should be up on SKUSA’s site by the end of this week.

    Tag senior and Tag Masters are for sure classes along with the usual shifter classes.

    Ben Schermerhorn

    How many TAG Sr. will there be? We plan on going to the supernats….we were wondering about tire vouchers, fuel etc?

    Taylor Broekemeier

    As of now, we’re planning on going

    Marc Elliott

    last year there were 28 tag drivers, most were factory team drivers from JM, KLS, KGB, Biland, Champion/Intrepid, and Arrow. There were a few others but plan on mostly “hired gun” to show up, these drivers were insanely fast and made the local yocal guys like us step it up big time to get into it more. Plan on the big boys from most teams running this class, and plan on mostly the hot shoes from regional racing as well. Like last year, I imagine that the field will be full of 100% capable of winning the race drivers like last year, IMHO everyone in that field could have won that race. I encourage everyone who races a tag to go, you will learn about chassis, and motor tuning to the extreme, as well as driving, and balls out braking at the end of that 1400 foot straghitaway.
    check out the layout, anyone wanting to have a good time in go karting should go to the SN, its worth every penny, and you learn more then you could ever imagine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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