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    Jeff Welch

    So, I’m going to be back in town this weekend for a brief break from the wonders of college life, and will be racing the club race at The Track on Sunday in TaG Sr. So, everyone out there with a TaG, get thee to The Track this weekend! The more people to race against, the better…

    Kirk Deason

    Jeff I think I’ll be there to provide the leaders with some practice passing lapped traffic. I am on call this weekend so i am currently searching for someone to take over my pager duties while i am at THE TRACK. I’ll be rolling on old YHC’s and practising my rally driving style…watch out TEAM HARDKART, I am kind of unpredictable. I may try a new line at any time, hahahaha.

    Hope to see a bunch of people on Sunday!


    Eddy Wyatt

    The Meek Motorsports Team will be there.

    We are bringing 3 Rotax Int/Sr’s, a World Formula, K-80 and a Rotax Jr.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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