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    TO ALL,

    Thank you for the GREAT time. To all those who contributed to the picnic Saturday another thank you. I hope if we have another temp track next year in Steamboat I hope something can be done about the surface, it was a lot bumpier this year. Can’t imagin five foot airs for next year. Extreme go karting anyone? Those of you that contributed to the temp track as well as the flag personel you did an outstanding job. Oh and one more thing if one of the Colorado Karting community stole the Farleys’ kart hope and pray none of us find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Again,
    Brian Moore
    Father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novicew shifter


    yeah that was a really great event and thanks to everyone that helped out because i can only guess how much effort has to go into something this big! I think we should add another parking lot track and call it the “Arapahoe Basin Grand Prix” the all dirt parking lot would create some fun racing!! nothing could beat what we have at steamboat so we shouldn’t even try… although the bumps seem to tickle just a little bit too much, and also I didn’t really think that that kink where the straightaway used to be turned out too well, i think in almost every race, someone hit it and took out water barrels and what not… a couple of people almost took out bobby! good thing he has quick reflexes. I thought it was fun though!

    Kirk Deason

    I want to second (or third) the opinion of the great race this weekend. I brought my daughter again to try an indoctrinate her to that sweet smell of VP and Castor, we had a very nice time. Everyone (again) was very open and willing to chat.

    A special shout out to Charlie Schiendzlos for flying the Easykart flag during th TAG senior race, rough weekend for him but I can definitely see what a challenge it is operating out of the back of your pickup against the big trailer, big money teams. I was impressed by the help that everyone gave to Charlie to help get him on track and the knowledge sharing that other mechanics provided. I was paying close attention to how ‘close’ the EK125 motor was to the front runners in the TAG race. Didn’t seem like there was any real difference (from my spectator I kept watching for Charlie to get pulled down the straights on pure HP..didn’t happen)

    In addition, i had a nice lunch with John Steel (starter) and he was more than helpful in showing me around and giving me a quick intro to Richard Buxman (sp?) of the RBI team, Richard then introduced me to Alan Rudolph (wow..been reading about him for awhile). Quite a class act at the RBI pits, John took me right into the trailer to meet Richard in the middle of what i would consider the ‘thrash’ to get ready, sure was nice of them to take a few seconds to chat with me about getting started.

    Summary: I am sold on the hobby and definitely on the people in the sport. Now…back to saving money…Thanks again to everyone.


    Thanks to everyone as well for your help, especially Duff for lending me weights and Adam and Craig for helping me mount it (and lending me some lead too).

    Too bad I didn’t know that all that weight on the back and a seat 2″ too far back means the darn thing won’t turn!

    Everyone here is for sure a class act. Glad to say I race karts in Colorado!


    “Ditto” to everything said here. Great event, props to the CSC people and a nod to SKUSA for sending their tech director. Thanks to everyone for their hospitality, karting needs more events like this one.

    Joe Rosse

    Absolutely! First class operation from being well organized up-front, to thorough and fair tech (at least as far as I saw), to being pretty much on time, to announcing, to a great Saturday night dinner. Thanks to Duff for the PA and FM system to help keep us on top of what was going on. Smooth (well, except for the track!) and fun weekend! :sun:

    Just too bad about the scumbags with sticky fingers. 😡

    Doug Welch

    Sorry we couldn’t make it this year. Between marching band and moving the shop, we just didn’t have the time to come up. Greg really wanted to defend his win from last year.

    My hat comes off for all the winners and everyone involved. I know its a lot of work and I would just like to thank everyone for doing their part in making events like this so sucessful.

    By the way results are up on mylaps

    Angie MacEwen

    Thanks Doug,

    I guess the last time I tried to upload yesterday finally worked. I don’t know what was up, but it kept saying download unsuccessful (of course, I don’t think I ever went to the site to double check!)

    It was a great weekend! Beautiful weather, too!

    Our entry count was 109.

    Thanks to EVERYONE! Racers, Byron, Cynthia and crew, including the many volunteers!


    Doug Welch


    They were up yesterday evening. So while your end was saying, no, no no, the receiveing end was yes. Don’t you just love computers?


    We love going to Steamboat, and this year was no exception. Thanks to all who had their mitts in the barbecue, you all did a wonderful job. You guys/gals go all out for Steamboat and we truly appreciate it. Thanks again for all your hard work. See you at the Nations Cup!!!


    Sunday was awesome!!!! The weather was great the races where great and it was so much FUN!!!! :loony:

    Rusty Newberry

    :sun: Yes, it was. Still recovering after a great race weekend. Thanks to everyone, especially those that volunteered from Steamboat to pull this race together. We could not have done it without you.

    Byron & Cynthia- You are definitely a class act! Coordinating volunteers, all the time put in to set up and tear down the track, working with the city and making sure the racers had everything they needed from medical to hospitality. That is quite an undertaking.

    Duff Dyer- Came up on his on time. Provided us with the best sound system we have had yet. He couldn’t even race due to recent foot surgery ( can you imagine him racing with you and not having a good braking foot?) and I think he even paid for his own lunch. Without his expertise with the sound system the weekend would not have run as smooth as it did. Nine hundred watts of pit space info and FM broadcast.

    Drew- Without Duff he would have lost his voice sooner. He kept us all up-to-date and on time. Who knew Red Bull’s number 83 came from the size of a Red Bull can? Duff hooked him up with and A & B PA system so you didn’t have to listen about seat struts, but now fans know about karts

    Bobby – As always, you did a teriffic job.

    Dennis, Brian & Todd – Tech has been brought to a whole new level. “You want to do what to my tires?!!”. Keep the surprises coming.

    Curt Kistler – Thanks for organizing the 1st Annual Steamboat Springs Golf Tournament. Wonder where that traveling trophy will go next year?

    Kurt Freiburg – Was there to document another addition of the SSGP for the Colorado Karter and SKUSA.

    Jim K – The use of The Mother Ship for timing and scoring and the barriers that made the course safe.

    Angie – We all know Angie works too hard. But did you know, she also recruited her family to help – anything from pit space parking to helping her kids get ready to race. She has 2 kids racing 3 classes and never gets to watch any of them.

    Flaggers – What can I say – never recognized, but can’t do without them and many of them were volunteers this weekend. They did a great job.

    John Steele – Asked “What can I do to help?” Put him to work right away at Grid and he even came back on the 2nd day. Thanks, John.

    They say “It takes a village to raise a child.”
    Did you ever think what it takes to take care of 100 racers?

    Now, not only is my body sore, but my fingers are too. Thanks to everyone.


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