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    Jeff Welch

    To all shifter drivers racing the CSC:

    I am writing race reports for Shifter Kart Illustrated Magazine this summer on all of the CSC races, starting with IMI this past weekend. The top five finishers in every shifter class will receive mention in the article. As I myself race, sometimes I’m not able to watch every single race, so I’d like to ask for some help from the drivers in the shifter classes. If you finish in the top five, or feel that your performance was significant in some way (such as an impressive charge through the field, etc.), please send me a press release within the first few days following the event. I usually submit the articles about a week after the event has taken place, so be sure to get information to me as quickly as you can.

    What I’m looking for is basically just your own view of how the race went for you. Please list your team name, chassis manufacturer, sponsors, interesting facts about you, or anything else that might be of use. Talk about the race. Did you start in the back and come through the field? Did you have a close battle with somebody? Did you dominate the field? Any information of this sort would be very useful and much appreciated.

    You can email me at [email protected] with your press releases or drop them off at Shckwave Karting in Englewood.


    Craig Mansfield

    :rotate: It sounds like a great project the extra print can only help the sport thanks. The time that you using to help us all in making things happen by taking acton.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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