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    Several of the potential drivers and I have talked about this class for next year. There were only a few drivers in this class this year, but next year there should be at least 8. Several of us have discussed rules. One of the main issues this year was the fact that the Novice and S2 drivers had the same rules package. There were two problems with this. The S2 drivers cannot compare their lap times with the pro class. The second issue was the S2 and the Novice drivers were racing one another quite a bit. Most agree that the S2 class should have a more capable package, to help separate the two classes when they are grouped together. Running the two classes together all year would make a nice class size. The S2 drivers, that are grooming themselves for the pro class, should be able to judge their performance at each race via lap time. To do this they need to run on a faster tire.

    A thought would be to run the Senior Heavy package with a 385-weight limit and a good tire. My first thought on the tire is the Vega White. Tests show that the tire lasts, is comparable in price and yields great lap time. I don?t think the class could run an open tire for fear of cost.

    What does everyone think? How does the rule package affect cost? It appears that the ICC and Moto compare nicely even with open ignition on the moto. I can?t imagine this costing much more than the Novice/S2 package for 2004. Am I crazy?

    Mike Baures
    Novice 125


    I think you have great ideas. The s2 class should be open like pro which will allow drivers to grow to the pro class. You will find allot of back of the pack drivers in pro racing s2 to gain experience. The class will flourish.

    By the way, congrats on the new ball and chain. I hope you took her last name cause snow is allot easier to pronounce than Baures. Kelly is doing much better now, she was pissed that she missed the wedding. I stayed home from Oklahoma to look after her.

    You guys had better go to supernationals. I can arrange for some stock motors for you if you want to race the spec 125 class.

    Let me know,


    By the way, I am so glad you had a bad golf game so I didn’t have to give you a free chassis.


    Thank you man!
    Nice job in Oklahoma!!!!

    The wedding went perfect. Star did an awesome job with everything. You will still have to pronounce and spell Baures. Do what I did. I tatooed it on the palm of my hand. 😀 Star said the cats were more help with the wedding plans than I was. How dare she tell the truth! It was quite a party and a good time was had by all.

    We are glad Kelly is feeling better and back up to speed. We are looking forward to seeing her happy face and your goofy one as well. 🙄

    Supernats and a stock engine HMMMMM! Has me thinkin’. The only problem is I am suddenly afraid of tech pro barriers. 😳 The nightmares won’t stop.


    GOLF! I didn’t play golf! Nobody could confuse what I did with golf.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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