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    Richard Gordon

    Does anyone care to post info for anyone interested in running this class about local track specific rules for LO206? Or at least post links to track web site rules if they exist. Also would be nice to get some general info on gearing for each track. I’ll start with GJMS gearing needs to be around 3.6 3.5 ratio depending on direction and where you want the kart to be fastest. Also, as far as I know the tire is a Duro 10 4.5/5 and 11 7.10/5 concessions kart tire. These tires seem to need narrow rear and wide front track width to get the most out of them. Please post useful info here for the noob. Trying to grow the class as much as posible. GJMS has very few in this class and we would like to see more. Also would like to try and run some races on the Front Range next season.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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