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    My dad and I are hoping to get me and my kart involved with CSC for the 2006 season. I bought my kart in July and we don’t know if my kart will even be able to run in a class. I have herad at last check that there is not a rule book out yet for the 2006 season. But, is there anyway that I can get a hold of a rule book from a past season to give us and idea about rules and guidelines? When will the 2006 rule book come out?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    -Savannah Rickli



    I have been wondering the same thing. When is the rule book coming out? :idn:


    Maybe when the season is half over. We should start a poll and take bets.

    Brian Moore,
    Father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter


    I see nobody wants to step forward on this question? :bs:

    At least give us a time frame ❗

    Angie MacEwen



    ooh Angie you are a sly one!


    Patience Rich…. You said a timeframe not a date…. Lol….
    Keep up the good work Angie…

    Mike Jansen


    Quit getting your undies in a wad! 😯

    There is (still) plenty of time to get in compliance. First we $#%^& cuz the rules are too vague and now we @@#$%^ cuz it ain’t out by 1 January. Patience is a virtue… Let the powers to be write the rules and get rid of the loopholes to curtail cheating and get it done right the first time instead of half assed.

    I am sure that testing or having seat time with 10 more pounds (or less) isn’t going to screw y’all up. Get real…

    If you want to complain y’all should complain that Scuderia Torro Rosso is going to use a detuned V-10 while all the other teams will use V-8’s. And that IS an unfair advantage over the other back runners…


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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