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    George Durdin

    If you have been behind the wheel of your FR125 for a couple of seasons and you are looking for the next step in the Rotax spec package or if you are an old shifter racer, that the cost and maintenance of racing a full blown shifter were just too much, the Rotax RM1/DD2 or the new generation DD2 packages offer you the best of both worlds.

    The RM1 engine/kart packages can be upgraded with the new rod and clutch and of course the Rotax DD2 is now available to fit Arrow, Birel, CRG’s, Margay,Merlin,PCR’s,Sodi’s and Tony Kart chassis. The RM1 package was originally overweight, slower than the FR125 and much more costly than the FR125 even though it offered some very interesting mechanical features. All of this has changed with the upgraded engine and the new selection of chassis’ available.

    The upgraded DD2 produces a stout 32HP with five possible gear changes from short sprint track racing to roadracing. The new con rod produces an incredible amount of torque. The two speed shifter gives the competitor the ability to make deep inside over taking moves, under heavy braking, with the ability to drop to first gear to pull out of the corner to complete the pass. First gear also gives the DD2 racer the ability to pull out of tight corners on cuircuits that have a combination of long fast shoots but tight cornering ie, Oklahoma MSP, Newcastle and others. Of course another advantage to the RM!/DD2 package is that it is driven with out messy, greased filled chains and sprockets. Front wheel brakes, with adjustable brake bias is required and is another necessity in the class that makes it feel more like a true shifter kart. To this day most of our sprint tracks are really too short for the true use of fourth and fifth gear in a traditional shifter which equates to lost time and energy shifting gears that aren’t nesssary in competition. The very sealed spec nature of the class is what has made the Rotax series a success and is carried over in the last step in the Rotax engine ladder.

    Numbers don’t lie, the following results can be found on My The following comparison is between the Int’/Sr, at 365lbs. and the DD2 at 385lbs…….a 20 lb. handicap.
    a. Rotax Grand Nationals – Road America .60 miles
    Sept. 22,2006 Qualifying
    1. DD2 53.689 – 1.707 -.929
    2. International/ Sr. 55.396 Group A 54.618 Group B
    Sept. Finals
    1. DD2 47.026
    2. International/Sr. 48.184
    b. Florida Winter Tour – Homestead .70 mile
    January 7, 2007 Qualifying
    1. DD2 48.20
    2. Int’l 49.20
    1. DD2 48.87
    2. Int’l 49.271
    c. Florida Winter Tour – Homestead .70 mile
    February 9, 2007 Qualifying
    1. DD2 46.332
    2. Int’l 47.409
    1. DD2 47.026
    2. Int’l 48.026
    More bang for the buck and without being a slave to your equipment!

    Over the winter CRE has purchased four RM1/DD2’s display karts and one slightly used CRG Dark Rider to help seed the effort to add the RM1/DD2 to the SoCo Challenge class structure. The Dark Rider and one RM!/DD2 has Been sold. We have two near prefect RM1/DD2’s available for $5,995.00 and a demo kart that will be available by the end of March for $5,495.00. The karts come with either a new set of MOJO’s or B’stones and with a full six month Rotax warranty.

    CRE currently has an RM1/DD2 demo kart available for test drives; call for an appointment. CRE can also make you a killer deal on a new Arrow AX9 DD2 or CRG Dark Rider DD2…….please drop me an email or call 719-749-9840 for further information.

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