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    Joe Rosse

    Hey fellow Rotaxians–what happened to everyone this last weekend for the Rotax Regionals at Black Rock Raceway in Utah??!!

    It was a great weekend, with absolutely wonderful weather and a fantastic track. The RMC folks did a dynamite job organizing the event, with each practice, heat, and race timed down to the minute. Parc ferme went very smoothly, the food was OK, and there was even cash (well, Rotax Dollars, or something like that) for the podium finishers.

    The only problem was that no one showed up. 🙁 My unofficial count (at picture time) was a total of 33 racers, pretty much equally split between Juniors, International, and Masters. We were the only ones from Colorado, there were a few from Las Vegas, and surprisingly few Californians. Also surprisingly light turn out from the Utah locals.

    I talked about it with Marshall Martin, who was disappointed about the lack of local support. I fear that if we don’t show up for regional events like this, RMC will move them back towards the west coast where the majority of karters are. Too bad, because it was a really well done event (and with some top talent, even if relatively few racers overall).

    Doug Welch

    I think part of the problem was timing. I know for us, coming this late in the school year made it difficult. We didn’t want to miss any school so close to the end of the school year. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones.

    The other thing is that karting in general is down and the high price of travel (gasoline) certainly doesn’t help. Even the CSC at Bandimere was down compared to last year (but up from the first year).

    You’re right, Black Rock is a fine track and they really treat you well over there. We hope to be at the Black Rock Summer Shootout.



    I had planned on going, but with Gas prices and reschedule of two CRE races with back to back Sat-Sun races have lessen my enthusiam to be driving all over.

    Another back to back this weekend!

    This racing in 3 different series is getting expensive. I may have to re-think my comittments next yr.

    A trip to Black Rock would have cost $750-$1,000.



    I was going to go but changed my mind at the last minute for pretty much the same reasons as Rich.

    Also, I don’t like 3-day weekends for non-professional races. It adds a lot of cost (hotel, meals, etc) and you have to take an extra day off of work. You should be able to get even events with large numbers of entries in in two days.


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