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    My trailer was broken into this past weekend in Wash Park (Denver), and I lost about $5000 worth of tools and some kart tools as well. If anyone comes across tools for sale, please let me know ASAP. The tools were in 4 Craftsman boxes; 3 yellow plastic and one big red metal cabinet. The specific kart tools were a horstman clutch puller, adjuster, piston stop, a really nice tire pressure gage, a digatron box, an exhaust spring tool, a 219 chain breaker, and some plastic number plates.
    And yes, the insurance company is giving me the run around, as expected. Its doubtful I will get even close to fully reimbursed, so if you have any leads it would be greatfully appreciated.
    Thank you,


    Sorry to hear that. I live in Gov’s park area…….was going to keep my kart around that area. I’ll definately be keeping in at my dad’s in DTC from now on. If i see anyone in the area trying to sell that stuff, I’ll make sure to follow up with you on it and see if we can nail them. Hope all goes well with the insurance company.

    Mike Jansen

    Marc, the more information the better about what type tools (snap on, craftsman etc)


    I’m sorry to hear that and for us out here what could you have done to prevent this from happening? What would you do over? How did they get in?

    May the thieves come down with a permanent case of jock itch… Karma…


    Most of the tools were Craftsman like the boxes. You name it, I had it. The most expensive items were a full set, english and metric, of high speed taps and dies, and a couple machinist squares and micrometers. About 100 items or sets of items in all.

    They got in thru the side door with bolt cutters to a Master lock. I was told by police that the lock was not strong enough, and was too long (easy to get bolt cutters on the shank). I have now been told the only decent lock is a cobolt steel w/ steel sheaths that protect the shackle, but none are perfect.

    I took it one step further and installed a motion detector inside that screams about 120 db when one of the doors is opened. Let them try it again.

    My advice, inventory all your stuff right now! And take pictures of all your stuff. Believe me, it is hard to remember all you had once its gone, and the insurance company wants a very detailed list before they will compensate you for anything.

    Craig Mansfield

    Sorry about your loss. I put on an additional insurance rider for tools and trailer, I need to up date the photos thanks for the kick in the assets. I also hooked up an alarm to trailer, At least the noise might scare them away, I believe that some insurance is available for the kart , Jansorski has an option of some type. Will check the garage sales and the home depot lots.



    👿 INSURANCE-read Bushmaster-(for long distance security)-Mossberg-(When you really want to leave an impression)-Springfield- (for those rare times when 12 GA. is just too much)-Heckler Koch- (when once is not enough) 👿 Really though Marc-what a bummer-one of the best security systems I ever had was the Mrs’s Chihuaha-Barkin lil ba@*@#d-saved my garage twice though!! Good luck
    C-YA :cheers:

    Locks just keep honest people more honest

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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