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    4 cycle racing is the lowest cost way to get going. The Limited Mod Animal at 15+hp is the way to go with CSC or the other tracks. Other 4cycle choices are Briggs World Formula 15hp, Blue Wazoom 12.5hp, and a methanol animal at 12.5hp. Any of these motor cost $500 to $1200. You can get a good chassis from $750 to $1500 used. The American chassis Margay, Coyote, and Bandit Y2K are good. If you get a euro chassis you will need to make sure the seat strut does not interfere with the motor and clutch. You can only run a rear disc brake.

    The boys at IMI have used Margay and Coyote chassis plus they?re a Briggs dealer. Also there are two guys in the classified section selling setups. That’s the best way to go because you get a lot of stuff for a good price. This one is still listed and Craig was selling his stuff. Here is his contact information: This guy is also selling Blue Wazooms:

    A built LMA motor is $950 to $1200. Here is one of my web pages with limited mod animal information. If you go with the LMA there will be people to help you if you ask. Greg ( ), Rod( ), and IMI will build you the LMA motor for a bit more money. Depending on where you live I can come over and help you build it as well. It?s a very easy motor to work on. Once you see someone do the work you?re set for the next time. I think I will be out at IMI on Saturday letting my kid run the kart. Give me a call if you have some more questions. 720-837-6665

    Limited Mod Animal #45


    My first post was more for your other thread.

    When you’re looking for a 4 cycle chassis you want more flex because the tires are harder and the horsepower is lower. Generally, you are looking for an SL chassis because we are running an SL type tire. For example, Dunlop SL-4 tires. If you get a stiff chassis that is made for higher horsepower sticky tire class, it will not turn very well for you. American karts will have tubing sizes from 1 1/8″ to 1 1/4″. The euro kart have 28, 30, 32, and 40 mm tubing. If you go euro stay with a kart that is a combo of 28 and 30 or all 30mm. If it is 30 with some 32mm, it may be ok with the high horsepower limited modified animal.

    Because Shifter karts are faster into the corner they run the 3 disc brakes and a stiffer chassis. With 4 cycle racing you try to stay off the brakes and use corning (turn in) to slow down. So the front brake are extra weight and money. The stiff kart will not left the inside rear and you will be pushing in the corners.

    IMI had two or three used Margay Brava 4.x for sell. Any Margay that has a 4 in it is for 4cycle. They also have Coyote wide tracks. I think it is the east coast WKA Gold Cup chassis of choice.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Benelli, If you need some help, I would be glad to try.
    There are many ways to get you going, yet I would be most interested in feeding your hearts wishes at building the little motors. You could come up to my shop and I would be glad to add you with my equipment to get a motor or two fixed up and on the track.
    James posted lots of good info. Craig Mansfields 4 stroke karts may allready be sold? but if not he has a 92 TNR margay which is the same chassis I have been using for 12 years now with a little bit of success.
    I will say, Summit/Clements quality control and customer relations left me with a bad tast in my mouth and a skinny wallet.
    If you are determined to have a four wheel disc brake chassis, which would be of no use in the animal class, Wayne McGreger has been advertizing a Tractor magic shifter chassi for $800.00 which seems to be a good deal, even if we took off the front brakes and relocated the rear bar.

    Greg Johnson

    Welcome to the 4-cycle class. The way to go would be Lim. Mod. Animal. The most bang for your buck.The rules for this engine package can be found in the CSC RLUES. As far as an Adult class, I dont think so. They run children with us despite repeated complaints. Good luck


    Benelli, here you go. This guy has the kart and three motors. Two flat heads and an animal. You can sell the flat heads back East to pay for the limited mod upgrades and the safety gear! Go check it out.

    Sorry, I missed you last Saturday. I25 was backed up and I did not get there until 1:45pm.


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