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    Kirk Deason

    *coming out of lurk mode for my first post*

    I wanted to publicly thank Curt and his son Matt for being so generous with their time this past Saturday at IMI. I brought my 3 year old daughter who (when she wasn’t enamored with matt) enjoyed looking at the kid karts and promises me that she’ll sit in one “next time”. For my part I managed to confuse Curt with Jim Keesling (probably since they were in the ‘Track at Centennial’ trailer and I made an ASSumption…sorry Curt. )

    Anyway, Matt is a very nice young man who took time to answer my newb questions..good PR, Matt, and good luck on the SKUSA series!

    I am looking forward to coming to lots of races this year to watch and learn while I continue saving for that EasyKart I have had my eyes on. Watch out next year! Oh…and as a side note, I would not be opposed to the ‘scarlet letter’ X across my numberplate to warn people that I am a newb and may SWERVE AT ANY MOMENT 😯 hahaha.

    Thanks to everyone, i enjoy reading all the posts here and on EKN, I look forward to seeing you in the pits…I’ll be the guy with the puzzled look on my face. :idn:

    I’ll crawl back in my “lurk-hole” now and pipe down until I can afford that new kart (and all the goodies that go with it”

    Curt Kistler

    Thanks for the kind words Kirk. It was great meeting you and your future heart breaker daughter. What a cutie! I cannot think of another way of spending time with my son. Karting has made him who he is, and I appreciate your compliments about him.
    Nice to see more and more passionate people getting into karting. I am sure you will soon meet new friends and be running up front with the type of questions you were asking. Dave and Bret will take good care of you in the Easy Kart program.
    People often mistake me for Keesling! Until they see me drive a kart :idn:
    You will soon find out what the difference is at the next “Tuner Challenge” when I blow by Mike Edwards!!!!!!
    Anyway, thanks again and please come around again. Be sure to check in with all the Colorado Karting support shops like Billet, Shockwave, CRE, Action, DNA and IMI. It’s always amazing to me how so many different personalities can all come together on race day and just have fun.

    See you at “The Track”.

    Curt Kistler

    Mike Edwards

    Curt…………..What the??????? It’s February and your trash talkin? You must be drinkin the same fire water as Bobby, I will be glad to once again drive the school bus for you. This time you won’t be able to cut the course to try and keep up with Rich and I.

    Mikey (the bus driver) Edwards

    Curt Kistler

    Step away from the Budwiser, your guy lost and my Dupont car blew right by you. I needed to cut the course after both you and Rich had to Home Depot me into the barriers!!!!!
    This year will be different, you’ll see buddy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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