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    Rusty & the Grand Prix gang,

    I’d like to volunteer to put together and man a public information booth at the Greely Grand Prix. Since I am not racing the CSC this year, I am available to setup and answer questions from the spectators for those 3 days and not take away from our racers main focus, racing.
    I’m looking at this as a Colorado Karting Industry informational booth, not just CSC specific. I think this would benefit all our shops, tracks, suppliers and the sport as a whole.

    I’m posting my ideas here to get others opinions on what we can do to promote the sport, what else we can add to the information booth, and to hopefully get some volunteers to help man the booth during those 3 days.

    Here’s my idea:

    -Setup a 10×10 or 8×12 tent/booth with a banner for “Infomation” on the front of it.
    -Put 2 karts in the booth (one can be my rotax/tag and maybe get a shifter from one of the shops)
    -Setup a TV running some high-energy videos of karting with high-energy music, something like the Oversteer DVD.
    -Have a suit, neck collar, gloves, helmet to showcase safety equipment.
    -Have suitable signage that promotes all the kart tracks we are fortunate to have in CO. Include arial photos or track layouts, along with some verbage of services offered, like rentals, kart shop, location, hours, contact info, etc.
    -Have each kart shop/supplier in the state provide a sample configuration of one type motor/chassis they sell, along with price, to be printed up on a single handout that can be given to interested parties. This way spectators will know the different prices of the different packages and where to go to get them. (ie:RBI shifter, IMI Biland, AK Lepoard, CRE Rotax, The Track Berel, GJMS ?, ? 4-stroke, ? Easy Kart, ? Kids kart)
    -Develop a tri-fold handout that talks about what karting is (100mph, 2G’s,formula 1 experience, one inch off ground, wheel to wheel racing), how to get started (visit a dealer, come to a race), and what type of racing is available (CSC, local series, spec, etc).
    -Develop a FAQ to be used by persons manning the booth. (ie:how fast is a shifter, what ages/classes are for kids)
    -Have business cards printed up that say something like ‘For all the information on Colorado Karting visit (Track Info, Race Info, Dealers, Forums, etc)

    I can provide the tent, table, one kart, suit, neck collor, gloves, helmet, etc.
    I can provide the TV, video, sound system if needed.
    I can design the signage, might need some $$ to print it.
    I can design the kart handout.
    I can design the tri-fold handout.
    I can design the business card or maybe Angie would like to do that.
    I can gather input and develop the FAQ

    What do I need help with:
    -Need a spot for the tent in the public area (Rusty says OK)
    -Need a spot in the paddock to put trailer for secure storage of equipment at night (Rusty says OK)
    -Need someone to cover cost of printing handouts (maybe the kart shops/suppliers can split this cost)
    -Need someone to cover cost of printing the business cards
    -Need some HELP in the tent. I cant be there all the time and my voice wont last 3 days either.
    -Need some help in morning and evening for setup/teardown. (helping move stuff from tent to trailer)

    So, there’s my idea for a way to promote karting in the state. Let me know what you think, your ideas on what to change,or what we need to add, etc. If anyone would like to chat with me I’m at 970-215-6452.

    Dennis ‘Duff’ Dyer

    Doug Welch

    I’ll help.


    Excellent idea, I’m sure all the tracks and shops would love to promote themselves without being there. Most of them will be to busy taking care of what has gotten the this far(racers/exsisting customers). All you have to do is get them to provide the materials needed to make it work, printed info. If I can help in any way let me know.


    Craig Mansfield

    :loony: i think that you have a great idea. One which has been discussed thanks for stepping to the line. We need business cards with the whole CSC schedule on it Not Just The Greely race. i see whole sections filed with people who are interested in seeing great racing , good fun even protenial customers for used , new equitment and rentals at all the tracks. Lets promote ourselves and the fun of kart racing. I got twenty bucks that the lotto doesn’t need lets get the ball rolling.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great idea and I would hope that the area tracks, shops etc. would bend over backwards to assist and to fund your idea. I should have an extra Kid Kart by that time if you would like to have one of those at the booth? Let me know.

    Scott Hannum
    (303) 888-8162

    Kurt Freiburg

    Duff –

    Yet another example of your incredible generosity! Not to mention high horsepower organizational skills.

    This overlaps some of my responsibilities for the race, so you can count on my help for a few things:
    – The “starting karting” handout – I’ve already started a write up for Greeley to use, so we need to collaborate on the text
    – A shifter kart for display. I won’t be racing. I promise to make it pretty.
    – Booth time. I plan on working with local and karting press people and doing race reports, but can and should set some time to be in there. Luc can probably help out too.

    I’m sure I’ll think of other things.



    Thanks for the support guys. I guess I had better get busy on this then.

    I’ve already started on the video, trimming it down to a high-energy 10 minute play.

    Kurt, I’ll get with you on the “how to get started” piece. And Yes on the shifter unless a shop wants to provide a new one.

    Scott, Yes on the kid kart. An important item I forgot.

    I’ll need to find some trailer room at the track for storing all the karts. Mine only holds 1-2. Anybody got a big trailer with extra room.

    Kart shops/suppliers/tracks, let me know how I can help you. You can PM me or my phone number is in the first post(after 5pm pls). I’ll get some examples done up this next week on what I have in mind so we can collaborate on the info.

    My goal would be to have the first pass on the printed material done this month so we have time to review.

    I’ll try and make the next meeting so I know who all is involved and they get to know me.


    Kirk Deason

    Duff, excellent idea. If i may, I’d like to offer one suggestion. Alot of people understand dirtbikes and what it takes to go riding (money, proper gear, etc). I have had alot of luck when people ask “how much does it cost” instead of saying 5 or 6 grand, just say ‘about as much as a dirtbike’, the light bulb seems to go on when I am speaking to people about the sport. When someone hears a number like that they glaze over and think “boy that’s alot, i see those karts at wal-mart for 800 bucks” and they drift away. However when i give them the idea that the expense is similair to a dirtbike, they immediately think of how many of their friends have dirtbikes and they think “hey, maybe i could do this!” Just a thought about what has worked for me. Thanks for taking the initiative on this info booth.

    Curt Kistler

    Way to go! There will be vendor tents available and I am sure we can find a place to store the goods at night, so just work on the information, displays and handouts. I have a STARS video already edited with no commercials that has lots of exciting on board video and commenating to run with your other video materials.
    I would like to see the other kart shops offer to offset the cost of printing also. Perhaps Brad and JB can print some rental discount coupons along with the CSC schedule and locations on the reverse side.
    Lot’s of discussion has already been had at our meetings along these lines. It’s going to take people like yourself to pull it off now and make it happen.
    Please plan on attending our next meeting to wrap up your plans, and we will help point you in the right direction.
    Thanks Again, and Welcome Abord :cheers:


    Can someone provide me with a word or similar document of the schedule for the heats (ie: order of classes) so that I can print up a large sign for the information booth.

    Sorry for the short notice, just thought of it.



    If anyone has any spare time tomorrow or Sunday and would like to drop by the information booth to give me a break, I sure would appreciate it.



    Some pictures from the Information Booth

    This signboard was on my kart and the TV saluting Michael.

    I think the booth was a hit among the fans that attended. Yes, the number one question was “How fast do these go?” and number two was ‘How Much?”. I must have spoke to about 1000 people over the two days. Passed out about 250 flyers on the tracks and shops in the state. Lots of interest on the kid kart as well as adults. Everyone seemed suprised that we start at 5yrs old and go to 60. Had a Stars of Karting, Oversteer, and Roman On-Board videos playing all the time.

    Thanks to Shockwave for a demo kart and to Scott Hannum for the kid kart. Thanks to Kurt Freiburg for the bio breaks, but everytime I returned to the tent, he was telling someone about my little flip at Grand Junction. Thanks to whoever layed out the VIP tents, my view of the Hooters tent was excellent. It was hard to decide which way to spectate, Hooters or Karts?



    Great work Duff,

    The Colorado karting community owes you. I happened to be there for a small amount of your activity, it was awesome and very proffessional. The racers should appreciate your efforts bringing the oppurtunity for new racers, giving us larger fields to compete in. The track / shops stand to gain from potential revenue from kart sales as well as consumables, rentals… whatever. I would be suprised if Shockwave didn’t get a few calls, his display kart generated a lot of interest.

    We had people in the pits who had spoken to you and had specific questions about the racers programs.

    It was pretty cool.

    Thanks again.

    Kurt Freiburg

    Sorry about discussing your flip, Duff, but they always got around to asking about accidents, and I’d show them evidence of the worst one I’d seen in my 2 years of watching races. Especially the part where you walked away. It says alot for our safety record. The motocrossers were especially impressed.

    The booth, and your organizational abilities, were fantastic! You represent us very well.


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