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    Doug Welch

    The first Mile High challenge race is coming up and there is plenty of excitement. I can tell from all the calls I?ve been getting asking for clarification on rules and such. In many ways these calls have reaffirmed my belief that most karters want to play by the rules and really want to have a fair and level playing field. My thanks to all of you.

    There are a couple of things we have to do for RMax Challenge races that are a little different from what we normally do at our club races so I thought we would give those Rotaxians a bit of a heads up on what to expect. If you not read them by now, I urge everyone associated with your team to read the RMax Challenge rules including the Rotax primer. You can find them in the rule book you received with your license and on line at

    The first thing all Rotax racers need to do is register at The Track. At registration you will need a completed entry form and your Rotax license. If you have sent your license request in but have not received it back yet, not a problem. We will have a list of everyone in the country that is registered with Rotax. If you?re on it, we got you covered. Not registered with Rotax, not a problem, you can register at The Track at registration. Because of the time needed for a little extra paperwork, if it?s possible to do this on Saturday, it would be a big help. Plus, it will let you sleep in a few minutes more on Sunday.

    After registration is complete, the driver must present his kart to tech inspection for scruiteenering. It?s kind of like pre-tech only different. The driver must present his kart with a motor, his safety gear and of course, the passport for the engine. We will record the engine serial number, Rotax engine seal number and tag the frame. Once scruiteenering is complete, you can not break the seal, switch engines or frames for official competition unless you get permission first from tech. Don?t worry, you won?t get stuck with a bad frame or engine, just come to tech first and we will help you. We will be checking serial numbers and such during the competition and they need to match what you presented in scruiteenering.

    Scruiteenering will be available all day Saturday and I urge you to take advantage of it. First, off, it gives you a bit of time to correct any potential problems we may find and everyone flows much smoother when not under the gun to get things done. We will be located close to the scales so we should be easy to find.

    After qualifying, pre-final and final, the top five finishers will be asked to report for technical inspection. It could be as simple as checking serial and seal numbers to physical inspection of components. Only one driver and one mechanic per kart are allowed in post tech so please wait until after post tech is complete for all the family to come in and congradulate the driver. We can get things done much faster when we don?t have the entire paddock in post tech helping us.

    It is not our intention to look for ways to find a racer non-compliant with the technical specifications. Rather, it is our intention to prepare our participants for the very rigorous technical inspect they will get if they make it to the Grand nationals. To this end, we intend to be proactive and point out possible compliance issues before they become post tech issues. If in post tech we find a non-compliant issue but it is not performance related, most likely we will tell the driver to correct the issue. By the end of the season, non-compliance issues should be nonexistent.

    That?s about it. It really will go very quickly if we can get most everyone through registration and scruiteenering on Saturday. We are expecting a fairly large turnout and it?s our first RMax race of the season. I?m sure we will have some areas that we will be a bit rusty and some things we will want to change before the next race. If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions for improvement, we all want to hear them. After all, we are doing this for you and we want to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone.

    Mike Jansen

    Doug, Jim, et. al:

    I think this is a great idea, preparing for a National race and such. My question is this:
    Since I’m running a Motori7 and as of now I doubt that we’ll run TaG and Rotax seperate will I have to participate in this rigorous post tech inspection? Can I, as a TaG driver, participate in the Parc Ferme simulations so that I can get experience? I’ve got nothing to hide but I’m just trying to prepare for the weekend.
    Also, can we TaG guys register saturday also?
    Thanks in advance.



    Thank you for the additional information. This type of information will help all us Rotaxians get an understanding of what to expect. See you on Saturday.

    Thanks again for keeping us informed.


    larry toby

    All good stuff! It may seem like overkill for a local event but it will help reduce the shock in August. I know I was completely unprepared and blown away at our first national by the parc ferme, scruiteenering and post-tech rigor. It is comforting to know extreme measures are taken to keep people from cheating and trying to destory the nature of spec, sealed engine racing.

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