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    Jim Keesling

    Hello all,
    For the Race on Sunday, for those of you who want to start getting used to the way the Grands will be run, I encourage you to come off scales, take the gas tank out of your kart, take the wheels off and wheel your kart back to your pit.
    I will make a call on the PA 45 min. prior to your class to the hot grid so you can start putting your kart back together.
    This practice is not manditory, but will help in getting ready for August.

    Marc Elliott

    Whats up everybody,
    Parc Ferme does take a bit of practice. I would encourage those who are attending Grands to take Jim’s opportunity.
    Do not forget a tool Kit with…
    Socket for lug nuts
    Spare Lug nuts
    Impact Wrench,
    10, 13, 19 (or whatever the carb size for a rotax is) wrenches
    Bead Locks
    Tire guage
    4,5,6,8 mm Allen or T Handle’s
    They do not like aresols.

    Taylor Broekemeier

    All of what Marc said plus:
    Don’t know how Rotax does their parc ferme, but Stars doesn’t even allow bottled water in. So pound a bottle before headin’ to parc ferme because once you’re in, they don’t like you leavin’.

    larry toby

    Yeah to all the above. From what I remember, Rotax will allow you to bring drinking liquids into parc ferme but you have to take a drink of the bottle as you enter and must consume the enitre contents before you leave.


    You’ll also need tire mounting tools (unless you can barehand them) because your qualifying/race tires can’t leave parc ferme.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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