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    Craig Mansfield

    The lessons of life and karting come in many forms. Just as we prepare our karts for a race, I was enabled by a preparation process done by my son, Kristopher, a kart racer with me three years ago before CSC : #16 Brigg’s class.
    I will not be attending Steamboat due to his death this weekend, the result of a motorcycle/car accident on Saturday. Having prepared a Power of Attorney and Will, and having health and life insurance made some very difficult decisions easier as we could do them in accordance to his wishes. If you do not have these items in place, please take the time to help others help you as so many of you fellow karters have helped me over the years. Thank you in advance for your assistance. While calls with your concerns and offers to me and my family are greatly appreciated, I would and Kris would have loved to hear “Because of you, I did this-“. If you already have these items in place and would like to do more, we are requesting that donations be made to the Air Force Aid fund.[/b]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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